Nuke Compositing Masterclass: Keying - Part 1

Author Alex
Nuke Compositing Masterclass: Keying - Part 1

Udemy - Nuke Compositing Masterclass: Keying - Part 1

Start your Professional Compositor Journey from here. Introducing Term 1 for Learning Art & Science of Nuke Compositing

What you'll learn
The Foundry Nuke Keying Compositing.
High Quality Keying.
Hollywood's Nuke Core Compositing.
Practical and Real World High-End VFX Studio Workflows, Techniques and Tools.
Art and Science of Keying.
Procedural/Garbage Matte Workflow.
Matte Compositing Operations.
Types of Nuke Keyers (Image based Keyer and Screen based Keyer).
Keyer Pre-processing for better Keying.
Techchecks and Plate Pre-process Necessary Workflows.
Marker Removals.
Denoise: Median Filter, Nuke's Denoise, Reduce Noise.
Luma Keyer.
Chroma Key (HSV Keyer, Hue Keyer, Saturation Keyer, Nuke's Chroma Keyer, Custom Chroma Keyer)
Difference Keyer.
Channel Difference Keyer.
Colorspace Keyer.
The Magic of Node tree Creation.
The Art of Edge Blending & Integration.
How Review Process Works?
Nuke Scripts and Pipeline management.
Node graph and Flow graph bonding.
High-End VFX Studio based 3 Film Projects

Very Basic Nuke Compositing knowledge
The Foundry Nuke : Windows / Mac (Commercial OR Non-Commercial)
Have a Passion & Eagerness to Learn How Actual Movie Magic is Created

Nuke Compositing Masterclass 'Term 1: Keying - Part 1' is a Perfect Course is for anyone who want to start Professional Compositing Journey from Core and Real world High End Workflows with covering every aspect of Tools, Techniques & Pipeline used by Major Visual Effects Studios for creating the Real.

In this Term 1 Series, Explore the Art and Science of 'Image based Keying'. This is the First Ever Path for to becoming a Successful Compositor.

This Course is taught by Experience Professional Film Compositor, with having worked with Major High-end Award winning Hollywood Blockbuster. I am also The Foundry Certified Artist, and a Seasoned Freelancer too.

You can search and Verify My Film Credits by visiting IMDB Website. Or Search my name on Google.

"Some of My Hollywood Blockbusters Film includes:"


The Lion King

Pokémon Detective Pikachu



The Nutcracker and the Four Realms


Avengers: Infinity War

The Jungle Book

The Martian

Providing Personalized Final Project Reviews, that "Guarantees" you to help to explore and implement every possible bit of Keying Methodology from Fundamental to Most Advanced in a Step by Step manner.

Based on the Keying Working Structure, Keying can be broadly divided into 2 types.

Image Based Keying - Where, Key can be extracted using image's Color, light, Luminance, Saturation, Hue, Channel Difference etc. and Integrate them with Pixel Perfect Edge Corrected ratio, So to create real and seamless composite than ever before.

Screen Based Keying - Where, Key can be extracted using image's backing Color such as Green Screen / Blue Screen, by applying Non-Destructive Spill Suppression with retaining Every possible Edge details.

In this Nuke Compositing Masterclass Term 1: Keying - Part 1, We will begin with '1. Image Based Keying'.

"Full E-book, Resources and High Quality Project Files are provided for further additional study."

Who this course is for
Beginners or Professionals who want to learn how to use and apply High-End Nuke compositing to create Real.
Peoples who want to explore and Implement every possible REAL WORLD Workflows in a step-by-step manner.
Peoples who want learn how the VFX Quality work is Reviewed & Done.

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