21 Draw – Introduction to Digital Drawing

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21 Draw – Introduction to Digital Drawing

Learn the foundations of digital drawing in Clip Studio Paint in a fun and easy way!

Would you love to be a digital artist and create fun cartoons and comics, but just feel like you don’t have time to draw? Do you struggle to develop your digital drawing skills, feeling like it’s an insurmountable goal? Well, take heart!

In this beginner-level course, Frank Calicó teaches you the art hacks to quickly level up your skills and master digital drawing techniques fast, saving you a ton of time and needless effort.

This course was carefully created based on hundreds of questions received on social media from people just like you—those eager to improve their digital drawing game!

He will teach you the essential tools and skills needed to start right away with Clip Studio Paint (or other similar software) and skip all the stuff that you DON’T need to know. Not only that, but you’ll also discover cool shortcuts and nifty tricks to speed up your workflow, making the process that much more enjoyable!

Frank demonstrates each concept very clearly in an easy-to-follow manner. You will feel like you’re learning from your bestie. With his engaging tutoring style, you’ll be drawn into the world of digital art and motivated to apply your new skills right away!

What you’ll learn
• Basic, effective techniques for beginners to digital art
• How to start your sketch with the help of references
• Time-saving tips and shortcuts to speed up your workflow
• Essential tools in Clip Studio Paint for raster and vector drawing
• Recommendations on drawing tablets and software, including pros and cons
• The correct way to trace references to improve your drawing skills and how NOT to do it
• Use nifty tools to quickly fix/adjust your artwork without having to redraw it
• Master tools like ‘Auto-Select’, ‘Stabilization’ and ‘Adjust Line Width’ to draw clean line art and adjust it easily

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