Domestika – Concept Art: Character Design & Worldbuilding

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Domestika – Concept Art: Character Design & Worldbuilding

Domestika – Concept Art: Character Design & Worldbuilding.

Explore color, texture, lighting, and layers to create memorable protagonists that tell a story with every detail.

“To draw memorable heroes, villains, or wizards, it is key to define what rules, culture, and community they encapsulate. “

Defining the worlds his characters live in is an essential part of Even Amundsen’s creative process. As an illustrator and character artist, he has worked for studios around the world on titles including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

In this online course, Even teaches you how to use worldbuilding to produce captivating character designs. Explore lighting, layers, color, and more to bring to life fascinating protagonists that tell a whole story at a glance.

Begin the course by getting to know illustrator and character artist Even Amundsen. Discover the creative journey that led him to a full-time career as an artist, along with the influences that inspire him and the work he creates.

Take a look at characters and how to build them through detailed planning. Then define the constraints of the world your character lives in to develop their identity. Build a setting for them to stand on and use it to define your protagonist and their story.

Time to bring your character to life! Start by learning how to overcome creative blocks before making a start on the proportions and general construction of your figure. Then develop a line drawing and experiment with lighting to elevate your design. Choose a color palette that reflects the context your character lives inside.

Make any final adjustments and render your work. To wrap up the course, Even guides you through the process of building on the artwork you have created to get the most out of it.

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