Udemy – The Landscape Photography Academy: Beginner To Expert

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Udemy – The Landscape Photography Academy: Beginner To Expert

Learn Landscape Photography for any Level - Set your own pace and get personal feedback on your progress

What you'll learn
This course is designed to take slowly and learn at your own pace. Topics range from very beginner, through intermediate & Advanced landscape photography.
Focused assignments that will result in better photography.
Beginner Photography - Level 1
Beginner Photography - Level 2
Landscape Photography - Level 3
Long Exposure Photography
Bracketing / HDR Photography
Panorama Photography
Editing using Adobe Lightroom
Manipulating an image using Adobe Photoshop
Setting up as a business

All levels pf Photography, from absolute beginner to advanced
No prior photography experience needed

Andy Hornby's Landscape Photography Academy is not your traditional online course. It’s also a Mentorship, providing personal feedback crafted specifically for you and no one else.With each assignment that you complete, you will receive a personalised feedback video to help you push your Photography even further. By the time you go through the entire course you will have received hours of personal feedback. Content that is crafted specifically for you and your progress.Discover My Newest Project-Based Landscape Photography AcademyDoes the following sound familiar to you?You’ll study guidebooks and read internet blogs……but like most photographers, you want to be out doing what got you into photography in the first placeYou want to be out shooting pictures! Of course, you want to learn new skills…but, you don’t fancy having your nose buried in some lengthy training manual…In addition, you desire to develop your own style as a photographer…And there is really only ONE WAY to accomplish all of that.What is that one way?The secret is learning ‘different’ skillsets, while you’re actually out creating pictures and getting valuable feedback on your progress. And today you’ll get your chance to do just that...Introducing...THE ONLINE LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY ACADEMY:With loads of photography assignments to expand your shooting skills!This Mentorship program gets you actually doing photography, providing you with suggested considerations, and giving you SPECIFIC photo assignments.They’ll kick you out of bed, to go have a personal discovery experience all on your own. You can learn new skills, unearth your particular shooting style, and accomplish all of this through completing actionable assignments similar to a full-fledged UNIVERSITY course. After each Lecture, you’ll be out shooting instead of reading about it. Once you submit your assignments, you'll be given personalised feedback so you can improve.​Think about this - isn’t that what University is all about, to help you find your path in life? Right now you have the opportunity to choose your path… rather than be led down one.How does it work?After signing up for the Academy you will immediately receive access to all Academy lectures taking you through from Beginner courses to Advanced Techniques.At the end of each lecture you will be provided an assignment to progress your Photography.After submitting your assignment you will receive a hand crafted feedback video on your progress, giving you actionable steps to take your work to the next level (if required).At each stage of the course you will learn and practice new principles and the fundamentals of Photography.By the end of this course you will confidently flow through each step.What is Included?This course is designed to take slowly and learn at your own pace. Topics range from very beginner (general photography), through intermediate landscape photography and on to more advanced artistic Techniques. And then on to editing and finishing your project.Focused assignments that will result in better photography.One price for life - Pay once and that's it!Receive personalised feedback and recommendations.Learn Lightroom and Photoshop and when to use what!Lifetime access to all lectures and mentorship sessions.The Secret to the Online Landscape Photography AcademyAssignments & Retention...It’s been proven that studying a concept, and then being given a specific actionable assignment will help you retain more information.Here are the factsRetention, through reading, is low.Retention through active learning is very high!These photographic concepts, which you may have had struggled with for years, will suddenly become crystal clear! You get to watch the lectures over and over again. Retaining all of the information and then doing the assignments. This will make you a better photographer.I bet you're a bit like me...…You’re a doer. You learn photography best by doing. You learn by action and activity…You’re not one to sit down with a textbook and study until your eyes bleed.You like to get your hands dirty.You love learning new photographic skills and techniques, and then you practice, and practice, and do even more practice… until you can get it right.You, (just like me), desire some guidance on where to start in your learning process. Plus, you too, want to ‘uncover’ your own photographic style. You want to be recognised and have your images ‘standout’ as your own.P.S You Really only have 2 options...OPTION 1 - You keep doing what you're doing now. Keep getting the same results you've been getting and continue praying that eventually you'll figure this whole photography thing out​...Or...OPTION 2 - Take control of your photography now. Grab this deal and give yourself a fresh, project-based, learning experience & Mentorship program. This course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to shoot Landscapes like a pro, every time, in ANY situation.

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