Udemy – Portrait Photography From A To Z

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Udemy – Portrait Photography From A To Z

Master Portrait Photography - learn how to take better photos, avoid the most common mistakes

What you'll learn
You will master portrait photography;
You will master photo analysis;
You will be able to see composition in portrait shots;
You will improve your general photography skills;
You will start taking better photos;

You should be keen on photography;
No technical skills are required (we are not going to work in Photoshop);
No studio equipment is necessary;

Welcome to my Portrait Photography course!Whether a beginner or advanced in the field, this course will be useful for you. Here you may find the answers to your questions:What do I need to start shooting portraits?How can I take better photos?Which are the most common mistakes that I need to avoid?What tricks may I use, so that to create memorable images?How to work with my model?What technical skills do I need?My name is Denis Buchel, I am an experienced photographer and my goal is to help you improve your photography skills. I have been a lecturer in different photography courses, I have spoken about photography on various exhibition openings. What I noticed in people is that they are always interested in how things work, how they really happen on the field. How do I need to compose my frame, why does the background matter, why does the communication with the model matter? We’ll speak about the minimal equipment you need (without focusing on studio light and studio portraits - that's a completely different type of photography). I’ll help you understand which the best practices are, which the most common mistakes are. And of course - how to avoid them. Portrait photography may tell deep stories - when you learn how to pay attention to details. When you choose a memorable face with strong enough expression. When you include one’s hands. It’s not only about a beautiful girl in a square frame. Portrait photography is about life.Let me show you!

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