Udemy – Unreal Engine 5: Blueprint Mobile Casual Roguelike Game

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Udemy – Unreal Engine 5: Blueprint Mobile Casual Roguelike Game

Create mobile rogue-like casual game with free online leaderboard from scratch with unreal engine

What you'll learn
Create a casual game from scratch to completion for mobile with free online leaderboard
Create gameplay logics optimized for mobile platform
Generate rogue-like game map modules which can loop inifinitely and randomly
Integrate project with free online global leaderboard from playfab

Know unreal engine basics
Have experience in creating simple games with unreal engine

[This course is NOT suitable for COMPLETE beginners since I don't explain very basic concepts like what is variable or what is function, etc.]In this course, you will create a rogue-like casual game from scratch on mobile platform, game map will be generated randomly and infinitely when player starts a game.Moreover, we will integrate our project with free global online leaderboard. So whoever played the game could see all the players names and their scores, motivating players to challenge game again. You can also integrate it with your own project regardless it targets on PC or mobile platform. I also provide some work around methods if your target device refuse to provide unique ID for the game in some cases.Finally we can package project for android platform and share it with other players.Topics of this course will cover:Android package setupExtract sprites from texturesPaper 2D animationsFollowing camera settings for 2D gamePost process volume setupTouch input logics for mobilePlayer Character Jump logics (Sine pattern)Jump power indicatorCommunication with level blueprint by command lineRendering priority based on root socket positionLogin and Leaderboard functions on playfab4 basic Obstacles to interact with player character3 basic prefabs as map modulesIf you have any questions, please search Q&A part in Udemy first, someone else might already solve problems similar to you. If there're no similar questions yet, ask question in details there and I will check questions regularly. Moreover, you can join my discord server to find more students who are enrolling in this courses! Happy learning!

Who this course is for
Developers who want to integrate free and reliable global leaderboard
Any one who is interested in creating game on mobile
Any one who loves developing mobile games

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