Udemy – Create an Epic 2D Mobile Tile-Matching Game with Unity

Author Alex
Udemy – Create an Epic 2D Mobile Tile-Matching Game with Unity

Gain a new experience in Unity Game Development by creating the Eternal Dungeon

What you'll learn
How to create a tile matching/shooting game with Unity
New coding techniques
How to find and add music and SFX to your game
Get more experience in Unity GameDev

Unity 2019-2021
Basic prior knowledge of C#
Basic prior knowledge of Unity

Get a new experience by making a cool dungeon-style 2D mobile game!We both know that to get better at something we need to practice it. Especially if it comes to being a developer we need continuously update our knowledge and gain skills. As in games we need to improve our skills, and level up to continue playing.This course is not a tutorial to teach you how to be a game developer from zero. There are a lot of courses on the Internet that you can take for that goal. Instead, this course is like a mission in a game and is designed to give you a new experience, tools, practice skills, and confidence.This course is created for you if you already have some beginner experience with Unity and C# and understand basic concepts of game development and C# programming.It will give you a good gain in experience and you'll get new practical skills in creating similar tile-matching games.I made it to help you get a level up as a game developer.Don't be afraid of making mistakes.During the course, you will see that mistakes are actually a way to get deeper knowledge & understanding. All we need is to find them and fix them. And get ready to spend more time than it might seem would take and get a lot more experience than it might seem to give.Are you ready for the game?Hope you enjoy the course and feel free to message me or leave your thoughts on the conversation below each lecture!

Who this course is for
Students that already have some basic experience in making unity games but would like to learn something new

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