Udemy – Pixel Art Characters – 2D Character Design & Animation

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Udemy – Pixel Art Characters – 2D Character Design & Animation

Learn to create your own top-down & platformer-based character sprites for video games

What you'll learn
Understand Character Design
Design Characters, Enemies and Monsters
Build Top-Down & Platformer-Based Sprites for Video Games
Customise and Animate Your Sprites
Foundation of Techniques in Forming Objects
Skills in Creating Character Portraits & Close-ups
Intermediate Knowledge in Animating Characters & Monsters
Detailing, Shading, and Highlighting Your Pixel Art
Exploring Animation for Video Game Assets

No previous experience required, just an interest in learning pixel art.
You don't need a drawing tablet - just a mouse and keyboard!

Want to give your video games that sense of nostalgia? Modern graphic resolution is better than ever before, but Pixel Art games continue to be firm favourites. Learn to recreate the feel of early computer games with pixel art!

From designing characters, creating character portraits, crafting enemies & monsters, to customising and animating your sprites. This course has it all!

And, the character design process can be applied to all types of 2D character design, not just Pixel Art.

Learn how to create proper silhouettes to build out sprites. Detailing, shading and highlighting your pixel art. Along with exploring animation for video game assets.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn pixel art from the ground up, or you’re more intermediate and want to improve your skills, this course will help you become a better pixel artist.

Pixel art is cool, fun, quick and accessible. No previous experience or drawing tablet needed - just an interest in learning pixel art, a mouse and a keyboard is all you need.

All students have access to the Q&A where our Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Community are ready to help answer your questions and cheer on your success.

Jump in and start creating your pixel characters now!

Who this course is for
Perfect for Beginners Looking To Learn Pixel Art
Awesome for Intermediate Pixel Artists Looking to Expand Their Skill Foundation

Download links:
  1. nader2023 January 14 10:12
    Hello to gfx-hub
    this tuturial has another basic part ... please add that tutorial to ... thankfully
    Pixel Art Fundamentals - Introduction to 2D Game Pixel Art

    Quote: nader
    Hello to gfx-hub
    this tuturial has another basic part ... please add that tutorial too ... thankfully
    Pixel Art Fundamentals - Introduction to 2D Game Pixel Art
    1. Sonya2023 January 14 14:35
      Pls link to this course
      1. Tim
        TimM2023 June 20 16:12
        Hi Sonya,

        I hope all is going well?

        The following link is dead:

        Would you please re-up?

        Best Wishes,

        1. Sonya2023 June 20 17:51
          Fixed - check now
          1. Tim
            TimM2023 June 21 04:07
            Dear Sonya

            Thank you for fixing it so quicckly, much appreciated.

      2. nader2023 November 17 02:11
        this is the link ...
        1. nader2023 November 18 00:16
          I found the course link inside gfx-hub.CC telegram chanelle
          then i clicked on that
          and . . .
          and another web site opened that was gfx-hub.CO
          that was there . . .
          i could not find by searching inside .cc because does not exist there
          i found it inside .co
          TY any more
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