How To Make A 3D Swipe Puzzle Video Game

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How To Make A 3D Swipe Puzzle Video Game

Udemy - How To Make A 3D Swipe Puzzle Video Game

3D Swipe Puzzle Video Game Design Course

What you'll learn
You will learn to make a complete 3D Swipe Puzzle Video from scratch. We will start with a blank slate and create 3 worlds together.
You will learn to create Game Worlds, Characters, User Interfaces, Enemies, Animations, and Win/Lose Conditions.
You will learn how to do UI Transitions, Point Systems, Health System and more!
You will learn how to do all this without any coding whatsoever!

My name is Zack Griset and I am one of the original members of the Buildbox team. I have been teaching Buildbox for 5 years and I absolutely love teaching people how to make video games super fast.

In this course, you will learn to make a 3D Swipe Puzze video game with the Buildbox software in around 2 hours! Here is what will be covered in this course:

Lesson 1 - Getting Started

Download the Buildbox Video Game Development Software

Create Floor 1 as the Platform For Our First World

Create Walls For Our World

Learn About the Different Physics Types

Create Your Main Character

Create Swipe Controls and Keyboard Controls For the Character

Manipulate the Game Camera

Learn How to Navigate the Software

Learn How to Change Your View Inside the Scene Editor

Lesson 2 - Completing Our First World

Change the Floor’s Color When the Character Collides With It

Create Win Parameters by Using a Health Trick

Create a Win User Interface and Menu Jump

Manipulate Collision Shapes

Lesson 3 - Creating a Point System

Create a Point System and Add Points to Our World

Export a .bbasset Point Label and Add it to Our World UI

Create a Score Label to Track Points and Display Them

Lesson 4 - Creating Our Second World

Create a New Character

Build a Second World

Create Specific Sized Walls

Troubleshooting Techniques

Lesson 5 - Creating Our First Enemy

Add Spike Enemies

Create a Trigger So That the Spikes Rise At a Specific Time

Lesson 6 - Creating a Game Over User Interface and Defeated Animation For Our Character

Create a Game Over UI

Create a Defeated Animation

Lesson 7 - Creating Our Third World

Build Out World 3

Create a New Character

Navigation Between Worlds

Lesson 8 - Adding Enemies to Our Third World

Add Spike Enemies and Triggers

Create Win Parameters

Lesson 9 - Creating UI Transitions and a New Enemy

Create Nice UI Transitions to Add Polish

Create a New Trap Door Enemy

Bonus - Playing Your Game On a Device

Create an App Icon

Playing Your Game On a Device

Who this course is for:
This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to start making video games.

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