Make A Beginner 3D Video Game in Less Than 2 Hours

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Make A Beginner 3D Video Game in Less Than 2 Hours

Make Your First Avoidance GameWhat you'll learn:
You will learn how to make a simple avoidance video game using Buildbox.

There are no course requirements or prerequisites. This a beginner level course for anyone interested in learning to make video games.

Hey everybody! My name is Zack Griset and I am one of the original members of the Buildbox team. I am now independent and teaching my own courses. I have been teaching Buildbox for 5 years and I absolutely love teaching people how to make video games super fast.

In this course, you will learn to make your very own 3D video game with the Buildbox software in less than 2 hours! Here is what will be covered in this course:

Lesson 1 - Picking a Video Game Development Software and Creating Your Main Character

Create a Starting Platform

Learn the Difference Between Physics Types

Create Your Main Character

Set World Gravity

Learn How to Navigate the Software

Learn How to Change Your View Inside the Scene Editor

Lesson 2 - Creating Your Game World and Setting Up Your Camera

Find Your Camera Angle and Distance

Choose Your Camera Field of View

Make the Camera Follow the Character

Set the Camera Follow Threshold

Set the Direction and Distance of World Scenes

Add Additional Scenes

Hide and Remove the Starting Platform Using a Color Animation

Learn How to Send and Receive Signals

Lesson 3 - Creating Defeat Parameters and Creating Your First Enemies

Create Your First Enemy

Create a Hidden Enemy at the Bottom

Use the Enemy Collision Group

Create a Defeated Animation

Lesson 4 - Creating a Simple Main Menu UI and Game Over UI and Creating a New Enemy

Navigate Your Game Mind Map

Create a Main Menu UI

Create a Start Button

Create a Game Over UI

Create a Restart Button

Trigger the Game Over Event

Create a Unique Enemy With Position Animations

Lesson 5 - Creating a Variety of Enemies

Create Rotating Green and Red Enemies

Solo Out Scenes for Testing

Learn to Spawn Enemies Repeatedly

Create a Total of 10 Different Scenes for Variety

Use Camera Mode For Quick Testing

Lesson 6 - Creating a More Advanced Main Menu UI and Game Over UI, Polishing Your Game, and Playing Your Game On an iOS Device

Exporting and Using BBAssets

Adding a Trail Effect

Polishing Your Game

Create a Looping Main Menu UI and Game Over UI

Create UI Animation Transitions

Use Buildbox World to Export Your Game and Play it on an iOS Device

Who this course is for
Beginner level video game developers.

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