Udemy – Maya for Beginners: Complete 3D Animation Masterclass

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Udemy – Maya for Beginners: Complete 3D Animation Masterclass

Udemy – Maya for Beginners: Complete 3D Animation Masterclass

What you'll learn
Animating with keyframes using Autodesk Maya
Learn from an accredited university instructor with nearly a decade of experience teaching and working in the industry
Getting started with Maya and understanding the interface
Complete fundamentals of animation principles
Understanding the importance of the bouncing ball with weight
Fundamentals of motion capture and how to edit motion data
Learn industry game standard animations: Walk, Run, Jump, Idle, and more
Export your animations for game engines such as Unreal and Unity
How to create industry standard animations for demo reels to apply for jobs
Learn hotkeys and best practices to succeed with Maya based on industry experience
No prior knowledge of Autodesk Maya, Unity, or Unreal Engine needed.
The course utilizes Maya 2020, but prior knowledge of any 3d animation/modeling package is a plus.

Hi there!

Welcome, and thanks for choosing Class Creative’s Maya for Beginners: Complete 3D Animation Masterclass | Comprehensive Foundational Guide!!

In this foundation course we will be learning the fundamentals of Character Animation and game development. (specifically for the Unreal engine, but this method will also work for other game engines such as Unity).

Learn everything necessary to learn Character Animation utilizing Autodesk Maya taught by a AAA game professional with university level accredited instruction! We will cover the basics starting with the Ball Bounce, Pendulum, and how to apply the 12 principles of animation to the human form. We will apply all fundamental aspects taught to create full in game polished animations of: Idle, Walk, Run, Jump and more.

Autodesk Maya is the industry standard 3D animation software, understanding the concepts in this course will help you land a job in the game, film, tv, or music industry. In this course you will learn how to animate your custom created character from scratch.

Over 13 hours of Animation instruction!

We will cover the following core skill sets:

Getting started with Maya and understanding the animation process

Understanding how to utilize the reference image plane in Maya to create realistic game engine ready animations

Strong Fundamentals of Animation Body Mechanics

Process of using IK/FK controllers and best practices of Unreal Engine's A.R.T. tools for Autodesk Maya

Unreal Engine's A.R.T. rigging tools for Autodesk Maya

Understanding hotkeys to animate quickly

Animating with keyframes

Animation foundation instruction animations: Ball Bounce, Pendulum, & Basic Body Mechanics

Animating a production ready Idle, Run, Walk, Jump quickly and efficiently

Fundamentals of motion capture and how to edit motion data

Advanced polish process to create professional level animation ready for game engine (Unreal/Unity) export

Applying for animation jobs in the industry and what recruiters at top tier studios look for in a demo reel

Includes all the rigs necessary to learn while following along

***NOTE Course does NOT include custom character mesh. This course includes ART tools V1 zip which will include mannequin mesh/rig which will allow all animation and lessons to be animated without a mesh or completing a custom rig. Course is strictly showing the process of animating a character of choice, for ANY character regardless of software or rig limitations.

We’ll be utilizing the latest software packages that top tier gaming studios of today use to create all of your favorite titles!

Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine’s Maya Animation Rigging Toolset (A.R.T. for short), and the Unreal game engine.

Why Learn From Class Creatives?

This course features an accredited university level animation instructor who has over 15 years of experience animating both keyframe, and motion capture for studios such as Naughty Dog (Uncharted Franchise), Insomniac (Ratchet and Clank Franchise), Guerilla Games (Killzone Franchise), ****er Punch (Infamous Franchise), Google, Disney and more. Whether it be a complex hyper realistic animation or a cartoony stylized “Disney” character animation it ALL starts with the fundamentals which we cover in these lectures.

Who This Course is For:

Whether you are just a beginner interested in Character Animation, or a Master professional looking to brush up on your current skill set, this course has material you surely won’t want to miss!

As with all Class Creative’s courses, we’ve laid out a structure that covers the full spectrum of industry standard character workflows from start to finish.

Please remember, if this is your first time animating a 3D character, we highly recommend that you follow the outline carefully, according to how the instructor has structured the course. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any details!

However, if you are an advanced user and are looking for something specific to add to your repertoire feel free to dive in and skip to any sections you’d like to focus on.

Who this course is for:
Anyone Interested in Character Animation
Competency using a computer
Developers who want to add game development to their skill-set
Anyone with a passion for learning game development
Anyone who wants the ability to create assets for games
Anyone Wanting to Develop New Skills for Unreal Engine, or Unity
Anyone who wants to learn 3D Animation and how to animate with industry standard workflows

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