Skillshare – Background Design – Creating Concept Art for Film & Animation

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Skillshare – Background Design – Creating Concept Art for Film & Animation

Skillshare – Background Design – Creating Concept Art for Film & Animation

If you are interested in creating concept art for Film or Animation, then this course will not only teach you techniques for painting, but will also teach you the principles and theory of visual language.

In this class you’ll learn key, important principles for composition that are fundamental to background or concept art for film, games and animation.

You’re gong to learn how to create a visual sense of depth in your digital painting, as well as how to create a visual sense of story.

You’ll learn about Leading Lines, Contrast and the all-important Rule of Thirds

You’ll learn WHY the rule of thirds works, and you’ll understand that it has much more to do than just simply making a pleasing image.

YOu’ll learn how this RULE affects the work that professional concept artists create in the wider context of the animation production.

You’re also going to learn how to make visual research, how to collect and analyses images for a project, and then how to distill your own vision into a series of thumbnails on which to base your final project.

Then we’ll dive into the process of painting, and I’m going to walk you through step by step the exact process for a concept art painting.

Everything in this background is painted directly, everything is a brush stroke. This is an intuitive and powerful way of painting and I’m going to show you the exact techniques and thoroughly explain everything as I go.

By the end of the course you’ll have a fully realized and major portfolio piece. You’ll also have a clear understanding of how to generate any digital painting for film, because we will have demystified the process from start finish.

I’ve worked as a background artist on many games, animated tv shows and films, and I am passionate about sharing the skillset and knowledge that took me on my art journey. I really hope that this course will open the door for you o start your own art journey.

Thanks for checking this out, i hope you enroll and if you do I look forward to working with you.

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