Udemy – How To Create Gears For Spare Parts

Author Alex
Udemy – How To Create Gears For Spare Parts

Learn to create and 3D print gears for use as spare parts (and save the planet) - the easy way.

What you'll learn
Creating a gear as a spare part
Specific knowledge in Blender (you don´t need to learn a complete, huge software)
Basics of the slicing software Cura
Exporting an stl file
Generating a g-code
Basics of 3D printing

PC (recommended to have a three button mouse and a numpad)
a measuring tool (recommended caliper)
a 3D printer (if you want to print yourself)
Software Blender, and Cura installed (both are free)

Do you have broken gears in your device? Recreate them, and 3D print them. Save your device, and save the planet from unnecessary waste.Save money - no need to buy a completely new device only because of broken gears.Learn how to create a gear (in Blender), how to slice it (in Cura), and 3D print it (with a 3D printer).No need to learn a huge complete software - you learn the stuff that is needed to create gears only!Learn super fast. This course is short. It is specific. Create and 3D-print right after watching. You don´t need to be an engineer. Just a photo of the gear and a few clicks are enough.Welcome to how to create gears. 3D printing for spare parts – The specific 3D printing course, is the only course you’ll need to learn to 3D model & 3D Print a gear in the free software Blender and the free slicing software Cura Don´t waste time and money on courses that teaches “everything”. In this course, you´ll learn how to create and 3D print a gear as a spare part. Quick and easy, straight ahead. Learn from an enthusiast with a passion for fixing broken things. Save the environment – 3D print your spare parts Are third-party models not what you need? Learn how to design, 3D model & 3D print your own unique gears. Learn how to use Blender to create your gears. This course is straight ahead. You don´t need to know the entire, endless possibilities of the software. This course takes you step–by–step through engaging video tutorials and teaches you how to succeed at 3D modeling & 3D printing gears. This specific course covers: Detailed 3D Modelling a gear in Blender How to use the 3D print Toolbox Add-on to test and fix common issues Exporting STL files Generating the G-Code Printing on a 3D printer

Published 1/2023
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