Udemy – C# Revit Api Geometry Extraction And Analysis From Revit

Author Alex
Udemy – C# Revit Api Geometry Extraction And Analysis From Revit

Learn how to do element geometry extraction and its transformation to manage automated Modeling in Revit

What you'll learn
Learn how to extract Geometry for all Revit Elements
Set transformations with geometry of location and rotation
Create Class objects for your extraction and storage methods
Create different Analysis functions to obtain results and assemble functions
Do Solid Operations and Intersections of objects

Basic Knowledge of Revit any Version
Had taken the course Step by Step C# for Revit API for Plugin Creation
A computer with Revit, Visual Studio, Revit Lookup and AddIn Manager installed
Know a little about analytical Geometry

This course is an amazing opportunity to excel your Revit API plugins creation with geometry content.In this course, we will build technical foundations to have geometrical freedom for developing and structure our workflows.We will pick where we left on the previous course and start by learning encapsulation with class creation, so that we can handle geometry properly, then we will work around location, rotation and solid extraction from different elements, once covered we will go to main transformation methods and the resources we have to do analysis and transformation of objects, and finally we will end the course with other solid operations.All of this content has been curated to be easily understood and implemented to your project requirements.This course is fully oriented towards architects, engineers, and constructors who have seen that automation and programming are not out of their scope if they plan to succeed and increase their full potential in areas that always require their attention.This course complements previous course From Zero Step by Step C# for Revit API for PlugIn Creation to set a new programming agenda that is more flexible and accessible to architects and engineers, and not just programmers.Help subsequent training agendas to be released as soon as possible by recommending, reviewing, and buying this type of content. Join me in bringing all of these capabilities to reality and transforming your BIM skills, and enjoy the freedom of possibilities to make technology work the way you need it to.And with all my hopes, I will do my best to ensure that this content will change your way of working for the better moving forward.

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