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The Gnomon Workshop – Photorealistic Character Look Dev in Maya & Arnold
Whether it’s in movies, TV shows, music videos, or video games, digital humans are everywhere. This comprehensive workshop by Sefki Ibrahim demonstrates how he approaches the look development of a digital double, and covers his complete process for lighting, shading, and rendering using Maya and Arnold.
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Udemy – Arnold, Maya, Nuke - Intro to 3D Rendering Live Action VFX
3D Render photorealistic CGI in Arnold with your filmed footage! Bring visual effects into the real world using Maya.
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Rebelway – Advanced Shading Arnold & Houdini
This course is in-depth lecture on how to render realistic materials using Houdini and Arnold.
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Udemy – Skin Texturing And Shading In Mari And Arnold
This course will take you through the entire process from A to Z, teaching you a production proven workflow for creating skin textures and building skin shaders used by professional vfx artists in studios all around the world. We will delve deep into both the technical aspects of the workflow, as well as the creative thought process behind our decisions, making sure to explain not only the “how” but also the “why” of we use these techniques.
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FXPHD – MYA312 – Advanced Lighting Practices for Maya & Arnold
This course is all about exploring production-level shot lighting techniques to create beautiful, realistic and faithful lighting. There are some some fundamentals techniques that can help and instructor Philip Maddock demonstrates how to apply these techniques creatively, elevating your lighting and the quality of your rendered images.
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Gumroad - Squirtle Modelling & Texturing Series by Michael Wilde
In this series I go through the process of texturing and modeling this lovely turtle from start to finish. I will go through my methodology and workflows with step by step narration. Along the way I’m going to talk about it all: Design, UVs, modelling, sculpting, Texturing, topology and even a few failures.
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1 – The Queen of Pride Tutorial
"This tutorial is a complete case study of female realistic portraits, from model making, texture making, material making, hair making, and post lighting rendering, all the main points of making are fully explained. In addition, it will also explain how to collect the matte material of the character's skin by yourself, so that you can take it and use it at any time, and greatly reduce the texture drawing work in Mari."
Author Alex
Lynda – Maya and Arnold: Exterior Lighting and Rendering
Learn how to use Arnold rendering in Maya to improve your shots of architectural exteriors. Instructor George Maestri walks you through the entire process, from setting up a scene and environment to compositing the final shot in Photoshop. George provides an overview of the scene you are about to render. The course demonstrates how to set up Arnold and how to figure out where you should place your camera.
Author Alex
Skillshare – Create Amazing Diorama in Maya and Arnold
Hi guys, Welcome to the "Create Amazing Diorama Using Maya and Arnold" Class. In this lesson, we will create a 3D diorama In Autodesk Maya and Render the final image using Arnold. We will create the model based on a concept image, and cover all the basic topics in Maya from creating the model to finally rendering the final image. We will be using polygon modeling methods to create the Diorama model. Here are the topics covers in the lesson.
Author Alex
Gumroad – The Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 6 for Cinema 4d
We start off the course by introducing Arnold for Cinema 4d, where to find different Arnold tools and functions, and walk you through the general workflow to get your job down with Arnold inside Cinema 4d.
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