Franzis BLACK & WHITE Projects 7 Professional 7.23.03822 Win

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Franzis BLACK & WHITE Projects 7 Professional 7.23.03822 Win

Franzis BLACK & WHITE Projects 7 Professional 7.23.03822 Win.

Give your photography a professional and classy black and white character. With the uncomplicated editing with Black & White projects #7 professional, any color photo can become an artistic black and white image. With Black & White #7 professional, you can transform your photography into impressive, minimalist black-and-white images. With the help of 242 hand-optimized image templates in 12 categories, which you can easily place over your image with a click. In addition, the unique black and white conversion in 4 color spaces and 13 spectral colors generates fantastic worlds.

The classic in black and white image processing in its newest form
- NEW: Complete overhaul of the user interface for 4k Ultra HD
- NEW: Unique black and white conversion in 4 color spaces and 13 spectral colors
- NEW: Color module for selective real-time color editing in up to 10 levels
- NEW: LUT section for calculation and management of LUT photo styles
- NEW: New focus peaking module to display focused areas
- NEW: Smart ambient light for the entire selective drawing
- NEW: Direct transfer for selective drawing
- NEW: Extensions in the RAW module, e.g. new category "Color filter"
- NEW: Spectral sensitivity extended to 13 colors

Creative work & efficient precision
With the help of the pro-exclusive 242 professional image filters in 12 categories (masking, denoising/sharpening, geometry, exposure, color, blurring and artistic) you can change image templates or even create your own templates. Access your images locally with the new Selective Drawing module and design them according to your ideas. Discover the expressiveness and beauty of black and white photography with the ideal tool for monochrome high-end images from all areas of photography: BLACK & WHITE projects.

Practical: batch processing
Do you want to transfer a picture template to several pictures? No problem - BLACK & WHITE #7 professional has an extensive batch processing function with which you can automatically transfer any image templates to a large number of images. You can save yourself a few clicks and time!

Includes Photoshop filter plug-in
With our BLACK & WHITE #7 professional you also have the option of working with Photoshop or Lightroom. With the plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop® CC/Elements and Lightroom Classic® included in the installation, you can continue to work in your usual programs without having to adapt, but with the advantage of a new plug-in.

Artistic minimalism
The black and white photography impresses with its minimalist precision. Without a large color spectrum, all details are preserved without distracting from each other. Precise color and brightness processing is guaranteed, giving your image the finishing touch.

The ColorKey effect
The color keying function can be installed here if desired. You can use the Hue Restore effect to isolate individual colors pixel by pixel. With "Show original image" color is subsequently brought back into your converted black-and-white image and the famous ColorKey effect comes out. The result is a unique photo that highlights your chosen eye-catcher.

NEW and Pro exclusive: Color module for selective real-time color editing
The new version of BLACK & WHITE comes up with the new color module for selective real-time color processing in up to 10 levels and thus enables individual processing at a technically high level. Skillfully manipulate individual parts of your image, highlight objects or scenes or create exciting contrasts.

All Pro exclusive features at a glance
- Color module for selective real-time color editing
- LUT area
- Selective drawing with smart ambient light
- RAW module
- Plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop® CC/Elements and Lightroom Classic®

NEW: Templates and new preset categories
Master the art of black and white photography and create your own database from the templates you have created yourself, with which you can give your pictures an unmistakably individual touch. This is how you become a professional photographer at home. BLACK & WHITE projects #7 professional also offers 20 new effects, including mask - gradient, doppler, stretch, analogue grain (HSV) and laser show. And 11 new photo film emulations, e.g. Agfa Copex Rapid and Rollei Retro 400s, for the ultimate retro look!

Limit the focus of your images with the newly added presets: Vignettes and Frames! Draw attention to the essential picture elements. Put them in the limelight with higher-contrast edges and enjoy an uncomplicated workflow.

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