Basic to Mastering Anime – Art Course on How to Draw Anime, Manga and Chibi, Figures and Faces, Bodies (PDF)

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Basic to Mastering Anime – Art Course on How to Draw Anime, Manga and Chibi, Figures and Faces, Bodies (PDF)

Basic to Mastering Anime – Art Course on How to Draw Anime, Manga and Chibi, Figures and Faces, Bodies.
English | November 11, 2022 | ASIN: B0BM67X3DC | 144 pages | PDF | 51 Mb

Unlock the artist inside you, and unleash your passion for anime with an easy-to-understand guide.
Think of the number of struggles the well-known manga hero Naruto Uzumaki has had throughout his life.

He was alone, but managed to make friends… He was weak, but managed to get stronger… He was a nobody, but managed to become the leader of the Leaf Village.

Naruto Uzumaki teaches us that you can go from nothing to something – and that’s what beginner artists can do with the right teacher.

Anime and manga have become popular because of their unique drawing style.

They have taken over the world and created an entire army of artists, writers, and much more.

It isn’t just about the art either: the stories in anime and manga have become so well-known that they have been adopted in almost every culture.

That is the power of anime, and the legacy that you will be carrying on with you and your new skills in drawing.

In Basics to Mastering Anime, you will finally find the motivation you have always needed to train your skills in drawing.

You might have been hesitant because you didn’t believe you were good enough… But you’re wrong!

You are!

Just as Ichigo Kurosaki found a new ability he didn’t know he had in the popular Bleach manga series, it’s your turn to rise to the challenge, train your artistic skills, and make yourself proud.

In Basics to Mastering Anime, you will discover

A step-by-step guide to drawing every aspect of anime, manga, and chibi – so you can master the art with ease
The tools you need to create your own artist’s toolbox (whether you’re drawing physically or digitally)
The anime anatomy in detail– Learn exactly what an anime character looks like and how you can bring them to life every time
How to properly draw anime hair so you can give your character a unique look and personality
How to draw your character from head to toe (with detailed explanations guiding you through each step)
13 of the most common mistakes made by artists – so you know exactly how to avoid them
And much more.

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