Photoshop Elements 2023 – A Complete Tutorial Guide (EPUB, PDF)

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Photoshop Elements 2023 – A Complete Tutorial Guide (EPUB, PDF)

Photoshop Elements 2023 – A Complete Tutorial Guide.
English | 2022 | ASIN: B0BMGS3Q43 | 147 pages | EPUB,PDF | 1.7 Mb

With Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023, you can edit your photographs and enhance the finest ones with the aid of the new AI technology. The software further has several new features and capabilities, such as enhanced speed and stability, new templates for slideshows and collages, more tools, and so much more. Unsurprisingly, this guide also discusses topics such as how to create documents, how to use the selection tools, how to create geometric selections, how to use lasso tools, how to use the quick selection tool, how to share images, how to solve several troubleshooting issues, and others. There is no doubt that at the end of this guide, you will become a pro when navigating your way through different Adobe Photoshop Elements functions and features.
Here is a snippet of what is contained in this guide
What is new in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023?
What is in the Home Screen?
How to open a new file/doc
Making Selections
How to use selection tools
How to use the select menu
How to create geometric selections
How to create selections from paths
Masking Photos
Understanding layer masks basics
How to adjust mid-tones
How to create luminosity masks
Working with Layers
How to use the layers panel menu
How to create composite layers
How to work with smart objects
How to manage and blend layers
Using Text and Photo Effects
How to work with fonts
How to create type effects
How to create type on a path
How to add watermarks
How to create photo effects
How to create infrared photos
How to use photo filters
How to create brush effects
How to create pixel stretch images
How to apply multiple textures
How to create a pencil drawing
How to create cartoon illustrations
Working with Brushes
How to set brush tool options
How to manage brushes
How to create custom brushes
How to edit layer masks
How to load new brush libraries
How to use patterns
How to apply brush effects
Working with the Cropping tool
How to use the crop tool
How to use cookie cutters
How to understand cropping guidelines
How to straighten images
How to recompose images
How to use the perspective crop tool
Editing Photos Portraits
How to use Camera Raw adjustments
How to edit blemishes
How to sharpen portraits
How to edit body shapes
Editing Skin Tones
How to correct skin tones
How to smooth skin
How to create luminosity masks
Sharing completed images
How to prepare photos for Facebook
How to prepare photos for Twitter
How to print photos
Troubleshooting issues with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023
And many more…

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