How to Draw Manga – Step-By-Step Illustrated Guide with Images to Draw Manga Faces in Detail (True EPUB)

Author Ariel
How to Draw Manga – Step-By-Step Illustrated Guide with Images to Draw Manga Faces in Detail (True EPUB)

How to Draw Manga – Step-By-Step Illustrated Guide with Images to Draw Manga Faces in Detail.
English | September 13th, 2022 | ISBN: 9798215005712 | 144 pages | True EPUB | 3.94 MB

Learn how to draw your favorite manga: unleash your creativity and create headpieces!

Do you enjoy watching anime and reading manga, but would you also like to learn how to draw them? Would you like to draw your first manga drawing flawlessly and with guidance? Know the techniques and tips of the greatest drawing artists?

If the answer is Yes, I have the guidebook created just for you!

Don't worry if you are not an expert because this book is also designed for beginners and those who see manga drawing as a wonderful hobby.

Through simple explanations and clear illustrations that will follow you from the first to the last step, this book will enable you to learn and practice all the techniques needed to create your favorite manga and anime subjects and to learn body proportions.

What you will learn with this guide
• Face drawing: starting from the facial features to the caricature of the nose, eyes, mouth and ears.
• Body design: torso, arms, hands, legs and feet.
• Expressing emotions: sadness, joy, anger, love and many others.

How you will learn manga drawing
• Through illustrated step-by-step procedures to guide you through each step of manga drawing
• With the analysis of the most useful tools to be used in the process of drawing
• Studying the best techniques to make your manga drawings into unique and personal works
• Taking to heart the 13 tips from the great experts to achieve perfection
• With the attention to detail, very important in this kind of design
• Through the 4 most common mistakes to avoid making mistakes and learn to be more accurate

Did you know that drawing also brings benefits? If you are stressed and unmotivated, this book can be of great support to you because it is scientifically proven that drawing
• Strengthens one's awareness and helps the development of free expression
• Reduces cortisol and consequently stress
• Encourages positive thinking
• Develops the right brain hemisphere and consequently creativity and intuitiveness

What will you have to put in? A dash of creativity.

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