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Kolder Creative – DaVinci Resolve
Learn Sam’s entire DaVinci editing workflow from start to finish. Solo Module. Go From Beginner To Expert At The Best Editing Software In The Industry: Duration: 18+ HOURS Modules: 13 Videos: 90+ What You’ll Learn in the DaVinci Module: Introduction File Structure and organization Shortcuts Project Manager Project Settings Media Tab Cut Tab Edit Tab Fusion Color Tab Fairlight Deliver Tab Downloads Shortcuts: Learn Sam’s custom keyboard shortcuts
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Udemy – Color Grading for Video Editors
A practical guide to elevate your color grading skills and increase your video editing rates with DaVinci Resolve What you'll learn Color grading theory Understand and learn the basics of color correction Feel comfortable using all the color correction tools in any editing software Practice color grading with high quality footage Requirements You will learn everything you need to know about color grading in video editing Description Let's face
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Udemy – Color Grading & Creating Luts In Premiere Pro For Beginners
How To Color Correct, Color Grade Footage & Create Custom Video LUTs in Adobe Premiere Pro CC For Beginners What you'll learn What color correcting is How to color correct What color grading is How to color grade your footage using Premiere Pro CC How to use the secondary color correction How to work with footage shot in a flat LOG profile The fundamentals of color grading scopes inside Premiere Pro What LUTs are and how to apply a
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Masterclass – The Duffer Brothers – Teach Developing an Original TV Series
Teach Developing an Original TV Series Matt and Ross Duffer—the “Stranger Things” masterminds—teach you how they plotted the series from beginning to end, and how you can bring your own idea to life.
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Coloso – JunEun Kim – Hollywood VFX with Maya and Nuke
Coloso – JunEun Kim – Hollywood VFX with Maya and Nuke This class will teach you what you need to know to create artwork using the 3D Tool Maya: From HDRI to LookDev, lighting, final rendering, image manipulation, and even the theories behind it. Get access to the industry knowledge and work process of 3D Artist Jun-Eun Kim and tap into his 14 years of Major Hollywood film-making experience. KOREAN, EN SUBS INCLUDED
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Udemy – The Art of Sound Design
A short and practical guide to elevate your edits using sound effects with DaVinci Resolve What you'll learn The theory behind sound design Types of Sound Effects The impact of adding Sound Effects to your edit Identifying the right Sound Effects How to apply Sound Effects in your video edit Requirements You will learn everything you need to know about sound effects in video editing Description Let's face it, endlessly scrolling through YouTube
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Udemy – Final Cut Pro X – Beginner To Advanced (FCP MASTERY 2022)
Final Cut Pro Video Editing, Videography, YouTube, Course Production + Much More What you'll learn Have the ability to work on professional projects Have the tools and resources to create Course and Youtube videos Easily navigate around Final Cut Pro and completely understand the interface Apply advanced editing technique such as keyframing and masking Understand retiming and video tracking Improve the quality of original media such as video and
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Project City – Film making 101
Ok, this is the big one We’ve been talking about. This is the course that’s meant to replace art school. I’ve taught at a lot of art schools and the best schools teach you by having you actually make something. This is an intensive 15 week course on film making where we will go through the process of: Creating an original idea (Feel free to bring an idea you already have as well) mapping out your characters and personalities blocking out your
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Linkedin – Premiere Pro 2022 Essential Training
Video is a personal, powerful, and dynamic art form. For transforming raw footage into impactful stories, filmmakers and editors look to Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leading application. This course helps beginners unlock the potential of the latest edition, Premiere Pro 2022. Instructor and filmmaker Ashley Kennedy teaches all the essentials while building a short promo video from start to finish. Ashley shows you how to import and organize
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The Gnomon Workshop – Real-Time Filmmaking in Unreal Engine 5 – THE EYE: CALANTHEK
Title: The Gnomon Workshop - Real-Time Filmmaking in Unreal Engine 5 — The Eye Calanthek - The Making of The Award-Winning Short Film with Aaron Sims. DESCRIPTION: Director Aaron Sims explores the power of storytelling in Unreal Engine 5 and invites participants to discover his UE5 workflow and process behind the making of the award-winning short film, THE EYE: CALANTHEK. Encompassing the full spectrum of UE filmmaking, this Gnomon Workshop
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