Udemy – Photography Masterclass: Mastering The Basics Of Photography

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Udemy – Photography Masterclass: Mastering The Basics Of Photography

Learn the ABCs of photography and master the basics!

What you'll learn
The ABCs of Photography
How to plan a photoshoot: tips for planning and management
The Foundations of: Light, Color, Composition, White Balance, etc
How to use a professional camera: An in-depth Guide to Camera Gear and Camera Settings

No previous knowledge of Photography required
Willingness to learn and improve

This course is the perfect building block for aspiring and beginner photographers. Wheter you use a smartphone or a pro camera, you will learn the foundations of photography and how to take professional looking photos with this course.Elevate your Photography by Mastering the Basics!Inside the course, you will have access to 15 lessons that will cover and teach all the fundamentals.Key things you will learn:Composition: elements and rules for stronger compositions.Color Theory: learn the psychology of color and how it affects the meaning of an image. Color Science: how to effectively use colors through color schemes and color models.Light: how to modify light and how different lighting patterns shape a pernson's face.Perspective: what are the best camera anglesHow to plan a photoshoot: tips for better planning and resource managementHow to use a Camera.What the exposure triangle is: ISO, aperture and shutter speed.How to properly calibrate your camera settings: white balance, autofocus, camera profireles, etc.A Guide to Camera Gear.Lenses: the impact of aperture and focal lengths on a photoWhat to look for when buying a camera: deciding between features.And many other tips and tricks!Learn step by step, at your own pace. By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation and you'll be confidently implementing your new acquired skills in the field.We've also included some neat extras:Posing Cards - a PDF breaking down the best poses to use in a photoshootPreset Bundle - 5 Presets for photoshop and lightroom. (Portraits and Real estate)This courses comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee - so there's no risk to get started.Ready to elevate your skills? Don't Miss Out! Go ahead and hit the "take this course" button to start improving today!

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