Udemy – Let's Learn How to Design Characters, Creatures and Mechs

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Udemy – Let's Learn How to Design Characters, Creatures and Mechs

Techniques that artists of any skill level can use to create TRULY UNIQUE character and monster designs

What you'll learn
Follow a few different processes to create new and interesting characters/creatures/mechs
Be in a pattern of learning, studying, sampling and creating
Techniques to skill up faster in sketching and character design

Previous drawing skills will definitely help
Install either Photoshop or Krita
A bit of knowledge in whatever digital painting tool you choose would be good

Hi I'm Matt Carr, lead artist at 2 Hit Studio and college concept art lecturer with a long-standing passion for creating truly different characters. The main focus of this course is imparting tried and true exercises that will have you creating weird, wonderful and ultimately unique characters that I have developed over the years, but we also cover design/drawing basics.

This course starts at a level appropriate for beginner and intermediate artists, with fundamental figure and gestural approaches to drawing. Then, we build up on your "reference library," teaching you practical analytical and critical skills any successful artist must have. Then... the really fun stuff. We go into some exploration exercises that are guaranteed to help you discover new creatures, mechs and humanoids you will never believe you were capable of inventing. Finally, we refine one of the drawings and take it through to a finalised, polished presentation piece.

Ideally students will have some drawing and/or digital art experience, but it is not necessary!

So pick up a pen, pencil or graphics tablet and start making truly inventive art today!

Who this course is for
Anyone wanting to get started on character design or concept art
Anyone stuck on an art block and wondering how to create something new
Game dev artists or similar role looking at possibly another set of techniques

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