Udemy – Master High Dynamic Range Photography

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Udemy – Master High Dynamic Range Photography

HDR for Beginner and Intermediate Photographers

What you'll learn
You'll learn how to capture HDR image sets in the field
How to process HDR images in Adobe Lightroom Classic
How to manually blend sky and foreground in Photoshop
How to use your Histogram for maximum success
How to avoid "ghosting" in HDR

Basic understanding of Lightroom and Photoshop is helpful but I'll walk you through the steps anyway.
During the course, you'll want to find the Auto Bracketing function of your particular camera model

Hello all and Welcome!Wishing you could get the best image from any sunrise and sunset? Do you end up with silhouettes more often than you'd like? Do you understand the concept of HDR but just want to do a better job in post processing? Look no further because I'm going to cover it ALL!Cameras have come a very long way since the earliest digital images were captured. The Dynamic Range, the range of shadows to highlights in a single image, that can be captured has expanded greatly. However, there are still situations in which the camera can not capture all of those highlight and shadow details in a single image and we're faced with having to sacrifice either of the two. We either blow out the highlights or clip the shadows, resulting in images that don't represent what we were able to see with our own eyes in the field. And let's face it, we all want to have the best images to present to the world. You're Going to Learn:What Dynamic range and High dynamic range areHow to use your Histogram to ensure you capture all the details in a sceneHow to collect HDR "sets" in the fieldHow to minimize ghosting by using the built in systems in your own camera for HDR captureHow to capture HDR coastal scenesHow to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to automatically put your HDR sets togetherPitfalls of Auto HDR softwareHow to Manually Blend two images in Photoshop for natural looking HDR imagesI'll see you in class!

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