Udemy – Stable Diffusion 101: Create Custom Anime Art with AI

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Udemy – Stable Diffusion 101: Create Custom Anime Art with AI

Ai art, art generation, character designs, stable diffusion, concept design, ai art. stable diffusion community

What you'll learn
Use Stable Diffusion to generate images
Create images from simple text prompts
Enhance Your Skills with Advanced Techniques like Image-to-Image Translation and Inpainting, as well as Model Merging
Launch Your Own Commission Business and Sell Your Art on Fiverr and Other Platforms

Have a powerful computer with an NVIDIA 4GB graphics card of minimum VRAM
The only limitation is your imagination, no prior knowledge of art is needed

Stable diffusion is the world's most popular artificial intelligence image generation tool . Unlike competitors like midjourney or dall-e 2, stable diffusion is free and open source . In addition you can use it locally directly on your computer.To run stable diffusion locally, you must have an nvidia graphics card with at least 4gb of vram .This comprehensive training will allow you to fully master AI image generation with stable diffusion . You will learn all the techniques and tricks to make the best use of stable diffusion. With stable diffusion, you have the ability to create any type of image, limited only by your imagination. Use it to create photos, drawings, and illustrations for your products, blog, or even video games. You can also use it to make posters, goodies, books, and videos, and even use the resulting images for commercial projects.This comprehensive course will teach you how to:Install stable diffusion on your local machineGenerate images from textOptimize the generated images for a professional resultWrite text that will be effectively interpreted by stable diffusion's aiEnlarge and enhance generated imagesCreate an image based on another imageutilize various online tools to assist with image generationMake Commissions Using Stable Diffusionstable diffusion is a highly versatile tool with unlimited potential for generating and using images. By completing this creative training, you will become a pro at using stable diffusion and may even find it addictive. The possibilities are endless.

Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to master AI image generation
Aspiring Artists: Learn the Ins and Outs of Stable Diffusion
"Open Source Enthusiasts: those who wants to Create Incredible Images with These Project Tools

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