Becoming Creative / An Artistic Guide to Creativity

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Becoming Creative / An Artistic Guide to Creativity

Creativity is one of the most essential skills in a wide range of fields from art and design to technology and business. Creativity is also misunderstood and rarely taught.

In this course, you’ll learn the most effective, research based changes you can make in your life to become more creative.

In each lesson of this course you’ll be introduced to an essential creative concept. At the end of each lesson you’ll be asked to do a project. There are two kinds of projects in this course:

Art Projects where you’ll get to draw, explore meaning and seek creative connections through collage.
Guided Journal Projects where you’ll write about your life and your thoughts in order to break through your creative blocks and design your creative future.
You don’t need any art experience or any other special skills to participate in this course. This course is open to anyone, even if you’re completely new to art or creativity.

Why Learn Creativity from Brent:

Brent has used his creative skills to build a meaningful fine arts career as well as a thriving business. He’s studied traditional art making like figure drawing and anatomical drawing. He’s also experienced in experimental forms of art making like animation and video installation. Brent exhibits his work in galleries and museums.

In 2016 Brent created The Art & Science of Drawing program, an award-winning online drawing program that has taught more than 100,000 students, in 170 countries, how to draw.

This Course:

Creativity is essential for both art and design, as well as technological innovations. Whether you want to be more creative in your art, your career, or your personal life, this course will teach you the tools and mindsets necessary to become more creative.

In this course you’ll learn:

how to seek a deeper sense of meaning in everyday objects and experiences.
what thoughts and habits stand in the way of being creative and learn how to move past them.
how to use divergent thinking in order to find creative solutions to problems.
how to make changes in your life that will promote creative thinking.
a creative process you can apply to nearly any situation.

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