Udemy – Make a fighting game in Unity

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Udemy – Make a fighting game in Unity

Make a professional looking two player fighting game in Unity

What you'll learn
Step by step guide showing you how to make a StreetFighter style game in Unity 2020
Add a variety of free characters with a range of different fighting styles
Dynamically load characters and levels into a scene
Add a Main menu and a character select screen
Create both 1 player and 2 player modes
Set up player gamepads for 2 player mode
Create AI characters that will fight you in 1 player mode
Add health bars, timer and win/Lose conditions
Create easy to understand C# code to control your fighters
Use Unity's Mecanim animator to manage different fight animations
Develop professional level game design experience
Develop a fully completed fighting game

You will need a PC, Mac or Linux to be able to install the latest version of Unity to complete the course
No prior coding experience is needed as I guide you through coding step by step

In this course I am going to be showing you how to create your own fighting game inside of the Unity game engine.We're going to be bringing in a series of free characters as well as a wide range of free animations so that each character can have their own unique style.We're going to create a character select screen and we're also going to setup AI characters, these are computer controlled characters that will fight against you and it will seem as though the AI character is just as effective and just as realistic as a real player. The characters you choose will dynamically load into the level you choose and there are a wide variety of levels to choose from.We will also be setting up a 2 player mode and mapping the controls for 2 game pad controllers so you can have two people playing at the same time. You can control characters either by game pad or by keyboard.We will setup options so that you can set a difficulty level for the AI characters. You will also be able to adjust the volume for music and sound effects independently.We're going to be setting up animator controllers for each character and controlling the animations through various parameters that will be called in C# scripts. We're going to create a wide range of C# scripts using easy to understand and easy to implement code.So by the end of this course you will have a fully completed fighting game which will look great in your portfolios. You can also include your completed game for free on websites or sell it commercially online through Steam or other such websites. You will also have gained the experience and knowledge of how to make this type of game inside of the Unity game engine.Why not enroll today and I look forward to seeing you in my course.

Who this course is for
You should be eager to build your own games using Unity
This is a useful portfolio example for people trying to get into game design careers

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