Udemy – Create your first Unity 3D game – Farmer Collector

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Udemy – Create your first Unity 3D game – Farmer Collector

Create your own Unity 3D game and be better equipped to give life to your own game project ideas!

What you'll learn
Create a basic 3D game using provided scripts, the asset store and modify inspector properties
Understand how a game can be structured, covering UI, first person controller and a scenario with score and interactables
Create and assemble a 3D scene using assets from the store and the Unity terrain system
Understand the basics of a 3D game and what other actions can be taken to take it one step further to create a full game to be published
Be better equipped to create your own Unity 3D games by understanding the knowledge and steps required as part of the creation process.

No programming skills required. You will be provided with everything you need to succeed.
A computer with Unity installed.
A computer with at least 5 GB of available storage to download Unity Asset Store components.

In this course we are going to create a First Person game, called "Farmer Collector", where you play as a farmer, who needs to collect as many tomatoes as possible in a box under the available time to score points.

We will create the complete game from scratch, giving you the chance to learn about the entire creation process, which includes

Creating the main scene

Configuring the First Person controller

Configuring the terrain

Configuring the environment

Creating the game logic for the timer, throwing tomatoes and getting scores

Configuring the UI

Configuring the game sounds and sound effects

Adding props

Adding animals and configuring AI navigation

Configuring Skyboxes

Building the game

In addition, no coding skills are required, as all scripts will be provided as part of the course content, but you are free to explore and leverage these scripts in your own projects. The 6 provided scripts include

Game Manager

Object Interact

Object Interactable

Score Collider

Sound Manager

Animal Wander

Also we will provide you with a stunning UI canvas with a custom font that can be used to greatly improve the look of your game!

In addition, we'll also leverage Unity Asset Store to make our game look great using a custom store list link I have prepared for you.

By the end of this course you should have your own Unity 3D game "Farmer Collector" ready to play and acquired the skills and knowledge to turn your next game ideas into reality.

Thank you and enjoy your learning time!


Who this course is for
Anyone interested in creating games
Beginners in game development
Creators that are willing to start exploring 3D game development
People interested in learning Unity

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