Udemy – How to Create Yahoo Logo Animation in Adobe After Effects

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Udemy – How to Create Yahoo Logo Animation in Adobe After Effects

The secrets behind Yahoo Logo animation - Masterclass of Motion Graphics| Beginner to Advanced| After Effects

What you'll learn
You will learn how to create compositions and edit them
you will learn the different transform options like anchor point, position, scale, and rotation
how to create a keyframe and animate the letters
how to deform a letter
You will learn two important animation principles, I mean squash and stretch
you will learn how to create bounce mode using plugins and expressions
you will learn about one the most widely used motion graphics technique I mean trim path

This course is for those who have installed Adobe After Effects and know the basics of this program, If you haven't installed After effects and don't know how to work with this program, this course is not for you.

in This class, you will learn how to make Yahoo Logo Animation using Adobe After Effects Program. I teach you everything from A to Z. From creating a new composition and importing your Logo into the program to animating the intro and extro of the logo. As you may know, every Logo has an intro and an extro. It means, The logo will enter the scene and then leave the scene. I will teach you how to animate the Yahoo Logo animation from intro to extro.Materials/Resources:To make this Logo animation, you need a vector file of the Yahoo Logo which you can search and download from the internet. Also, this Logo Animation was made by Adobe After Effects so you need to purchase and install it on your system. During the tutorial, I also used the motion 3 Plugin which is a paid plugin. You can also purchase and install this plugin on After Effects.The course project: Your class project will be to create your name Logo animation using the techniques you learned from this class. Also, you can combine techniques together and create your own logo animation. Don't forget to post your video on the project's page so we can see and comment on your creativity.

Who this course is for
You should take this course if you want to improve your motion graphics skills, especially Logo animation. A lot of techniques have been used in creating this Logo animation. You can learn these techniques and implement them in creating other Logo Animations as well.

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