Udemy – After Effects 2022 Essentials // Beginners Course

Author Alex
Udemy – After Effects 2022 Essentials // Beginners Course

Basic After Effects from A to Z

What you'll learn
Learn what is possible by using Adobe After Effects
get to know all the available tools, functions and learn about basic workflows
get ready to start animating and exporting your projects
learn all the fundamental & basic After Effects stuff to proceed to next level courses

beginners course, no skills needed
media software on PC/MAC basic skills needed

Hi and welcome everybody to my  Adobe After Effects 2022 essential beginners course.Learn After Effects from scratch and get into the software from A to Z without having any skills or knowledge about the software! Grow your skills and develope into a rising motion designer, compositor or animator! I provide you with some great tips and tricks I gathered througout my experience as 3d animator and motion designer in the last 8 years of work. Setting up and synchronising your hard & software is essential for a productive and easy workflow and will be handled as well at the beginning of the course!Then I give you an overview about the interface, all the creative tools and functions as a base to start using that knowledge to create your first compositions, importing footage or using basic procedural objects and placing keyframes on the given parameters for your first animation process. We cover creating and  nesting precomps as well as using 2d and 3d layers that are essential to guide your project in the right direction you or your customer like it to be. Effects and audio layers complete your project and give it the final touch! Learn every step necessary to start and complete an After Effects project. Life is all about learning by doing and try & error, so go and grab your knowledge after this course and explore the infinite world of creation in After Effects!Beginners, this is the perfect course for you if you never had any experience with Adobe After Effects! Go basic before go pro!

Who this course is for
students, animations beginners, everybody how likes to learn the very basics of After Effects

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