Gumroad – Dragons Workshop Complete Bundle with Posing the Dragon

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Gumroad – Dragons Workshop Complete Bundle with Posing the Dragon

Dragons Workshop Complete Bundle with Posing the Dragon – download full video сourse by Gumroad

I LOVE Dragons. And I know you do, too! We’ll work together through the design and sculpting process so that you can create your own.
We’ll talk all about how to approach mythical creature anatomy, explore designs, and create fine sculpt details!
I’ll also go over keeping yourself organized and working clean as much as possible.
This goes from a Beginner approach, then Intermediate, and then some Advanced work to finish him off.
Workshop Intro Video:


Part 1: Foundation – proportion/anatomy/research
Part 2: Base Mesh Build – zspheres vs dynamesh
Part 3: Exploration – designing in layers and thumbs
Part 4: Now We Sculpt – blocking in shapes with Zbrush 4r7
Part 5: Blocking Muscles – sculpting musculature
Part 6: Head Design – final concept and blocking in head forms with Zbrush 4r7 (ZModeler feature used)
Part 7: Head Sculpting – breathing life by sculpting primary and secondary forms
Part 8: Head Sculpting – continuing with sculpting secondary forms and major details
Part 9: Upper Body Sculpting – sculpting secondary forms for the upper body anatomy
Part 10: Lower Body Sculpting – sculpting secondary forms for the lower body anatomy
Part 11: Feet/Wing Sculpting – sculpting secondary forms for the feet/wing limbs
Part 12: Wing Membranes – building and sculpting membranes for the wings
Part 13: Using Alphas – exploring best way to use alphas and create your own
Part 14: Head Detailing – stage 1 of laying in fine wrinkles and scales on the head
Part 15: Horns Detailing – laying in details specific to the horns and transitioning into the head
Part 16: Inner Mouth Detailing – bringing life to the gums and palette
Part 17: Tongue Detailing – adding form and detail to the tongue
Part 18: Neck Detailing – adding scales, wrinkles, and detail to the neck
Part 19: Arm Scales Design – designing and sculpting details scales on the arms
Part 20: Underbelly Detailing – designing and sculpting details wrinkles and surface details for the belly and underwing
Part 21: Foot Detailing – sculpting in scales, wrinkles, and texture on the feet
Part 22: Leg Detailing – using polypaint to block in scale design, then sculpt in scales, wrinkles, and texture on the legs
Part 23: Lower Leg Detailing – using polypaint to block in scale design, then sculpt in scales, wrinkles, and texture on the legs
Part 24: Using Projection to Copy Details – using ZBrush projection techniques to copy details from the front foot to the rear foot
Part 25: Back Detailing – sculpt in scales, wrinkles on the back
Part 26: Tail Detailing – adding a tail tip design, copying spikes, sculpting details
Part 27: Wings Detailing – sculpting membranes and wrinkles for the wings
Part 28: Final Polish – putting final polish on the sculpt, finding “missed” areas, and adjusting silhouette

BONUS: Posing and Making the Base – taking the Dragon into Transpose Master and creating a dynamic pose for the dragon. Also, adding a rocky base that fits the scale and pose of the beast. (disclaimer – partly uses excellent brushes created by Jonas Ronnegard over

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  1. Adriin
    adriin20152019 January 7 05:09
    Nitroflare links down-....
    1. Sonya2019 January 7 18:12
      Fixed - get nitro
  2. capnreynolds2019 August 4 07:38
    Nitroflare is removed again, could you reupload them?
    1. Sonya2019 August 5 14:16
      It takes some time. I'll comment here when finish
  3. raul
    alkimista772020 September 26 01:30
    Hola,no puedo descargar el 17 ni el 19 con hitfile. podrias volver a subirlos? gracias
    1. Sonya2020 September 27 18:49
      Server down, repair in progress - try to download later.
  4. max
    Maxtk2020 November 30 21:55
    la parte 19 no esta en hitfile puedes subirla por favor?
    1. Sonya2020 December 1 20:17
      All repacked and re-uploaded. Download all parts again pls or use Mediacoin share for free torrent download
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