Udemy – Photoshop In-Depth Compositing and Design 2021

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Udemy – Photoshop In-Depth Compositing and Design 2021

Udemy – Photoshop In-Depth Compositing and Design 2021

This course will be a great entry point for you into the fun and challenging world of digital image compositing.

What you'll learn

Build Conceptual Composites From Scratch
Composite People In Different Backgrounds
Mask Out Hair and Other Complex Objects
Create Atmosphere with Custom Brushes
Create Conceptual Design
Color Grading
Professional Photoshop Skills
Create Surreal Compositions


Basic Understanding of Photoshop


This course will be a great entry point for you into the fun and challenging world of image compositing. From brilliant conceptual designs to high-end product photography, many of the pictures we see are actually two or more photos combined in Photoshop.

Compositing is a very crucial skill for you to have, it will help you both creatively and professionally. Whether you are working with products, Fantasy shots, creating concept art, or editing images. It is something you will utilize every day as a designer, and mastering it will take you far ahead as a professional designer.

And in this project-based learning course, we will build a strong foundation for compositing and design, starting with understanding the main ingredients for making a composite look realistic, that is by matching the Lighting and Perspective of different images.

Beginning with a simple example of placing a painting on a wall,

And as we advance, we will be creating fantasy shots

Cut out and place people in different backgrounds and environments.

Conceptualize creative landscapes

Create Custom Brushes

Master the techniques of selecting any object in an image,.

Most importantly tackling the difficult task of selecting hair in all its details to create a surreal composition.

I have tried to deliver every section of the course to be clear and to the point.

You will have access to all the work files needed to complete the lessons,

Along with extra images to experiment with

And the final layered PSDs of all the chapters.

I hope my humble effort can help you in your design journey.

Dream Big, Keep Learning J And Let’s Get Started!
Who this course is for:

Aspiring Graphic Designers, Photographers and Image Editors
Everybody who want to Advance their Photoshop Design skills.

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