Udemy – Complete Unity C# & Android game development Bootcamp 2020

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Udemy – Complete Unity C# & Android game development Bootcamp 2020

Udemy – Complete Unity C# & Android game development Bootcamp 2020

In this course, we will learn all the that are required to become a complete indie game developer

Note: We will be learning everything from scratch and this is an early access course meaning the course contents are constantly updated over the time


Course content

Why unity?
Join the student community
Unity Software
How to Install Unity software
Unity Software overview
Unity Scripting Overview
C# Crash Course
C# Scripting Overview
Understanding our very First C# Script
Variables and Data types in C#
Awake and start functions
Functions in C#
Destroy function in Unity
if else conditions
The concepts of Loops
While loop
for loop
arrays in C#
Vectors and transforms in Unity
Moving using Vectors
Increasing the size of the game object
Game Tags in Unity
Access Specifiers
Prefabs, Instantiate and Materials
RigidBody Physics and collisions
Let's make our very first game
Designing our game
Player Movement
Moving our object using Input class
Moving our object with the touch of our finger
Prefabs and spawning our objects randomly
InvokeRepeating method in unity
Infinite Platform generation
Destroying game objects
Adding VFX,Scene Manager and assigning new Materials
Adding a Skybox
Score Logic and adding score into our game
PlayerPrefs and highscore logic
onclick functions to the buttons
Gameover Screen and Increasing the speed Eventually
Monetizing our game
Monetize your application and start earning money
Upload the game to the Google play store
Upload the game to the Google play store
Cube Slider game
Cube Slider game Setup
Moving the box Left and right
Completing our game
Adding gameover condition to our game
Adding pause screen into our game
Let's make Hill climb racing
Let's start making the game
Making the ground for our game
Designing our car
Adding Wheeljoint2D to our car
adding an engine to our car so that we can move left and right
Adding torque to our car
Using the Cinemachine camera
Adding fuel system to our car and finishing the game
Movement using touch
Join the student community
Introduction to version controlling
Introduction to version controlling
Creating a repository on Github
Making push and pull request from github
Designing the UI for any game
Introduction to U.I
Making the color transitions on the button
Controlling the volume in the menu screen
Space elevator game
Important Article
Gameobjects in Unity
C# scripting and moving an object using a code
Implementing 'Input' Class
Vector3 and Materials
Game Mechanics.Collision's and Destroy() function
InvokeRepeating in unity
Fixing the Wall Spawner Algorithm
Endless algorithm part-1
Endless algorithm part-2
Particle system in unity
Skybox and unity asset store
Polishing our game
Gameover menu
GameOver screen and GameManager
Score Manager using PlayerPrefs
Implementing Unity ads
Implementing Unity ads
Marketing tips
Naming your application/game
Tips on how to get downloads

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