Udemy – Unity 2019 Make a 3d survival game

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Udemy – Unity 2019 Make a 3d survival game

Udemy – Unity 2019 Make a 3d survival game

Create a 3d game with URP from scratch in a low poly style with inventory, crafting and save systems.

What you'll learn:
Unity game development using Universal Rendering Pipeline
Implementing different game systems: movement, cinemachine camera, inventory, pickup, crafting and saving game.
Creating a low-poly map using 3d models and PolyBrush tool

Intermediate c# knowledge
Intermediate Unity 3d knowledge

Are you looking for an intermediate Unity course where you will build a small 3d game, from scratch with a maintainable codebase? In this course we will create a survival game with 3rd person camera, player movement system, animations, simple island map, inventory and crafting system and a save system to save our progress to a file. We will use the new Universal Rendering Pipeline to create our project., and structure the code using state pattern and Model-View-Controller architecture to make the code less prone to bugs.

If you have completed few beginner courses on Unity and c# and you feel comfortable using them together I believe that you will benefit greatly from this course.

When I was learning Unity and Game Development overall I was always disappointed with the lack of intermediate courses that actually showed how to make a game that isn't a single monobehaviour or that actually implements some useful systems like save system. I wanted a bigger project that I have lacked the skills to structure properly to keep it maintainable. How do you make a more complex game?

The answer is - one step at a time.

We will use multiple 3d models, animations and tools that are free on the Unity Asset Store. It really is amazing how many great assets are available for free and how we can use them to create a decent looking game.

My hope is that at the end of the course you will have a bigger picture on how to structure the code for your game and have a survival game template that you can reuse.

If you think that you could benefit from this course don't hesitate to purchase it. You have 30 days to get a refund in case you don't enjoy my course. Saying that I have really put a lot of effort to make sure that you will benefit from the course and learn some useful techniques from setting up a simple movement system using a character controller to creating a UI, a map with post-processing effects and serializing the data to save it to a JSON file.

Just click that Buy button See you in the course!

Who this course is for
Intermediate Unity game Developers

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