Gumroad – Mesh Operations In Modo – Intermediate Modelling

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Gumroad – Mesh Operations In Modo – Intermediate Modelling

Gumroad – Mesh Operations In Modo – Intermediate Modelling with Richard Yot

This tutorial is a deeper dive into Modo's procedural modelling, building on the concepts in the introductory video and taking things a step further with an introduction to using the Schematic View in conjunction with the Mesh Operator Stack. The reasons why you might want to use the Schematic View are clearly explained, with several practical demonstrations of Schematic-based workflows that can unleash some powerful procedural modelling techniques.

One of the topics covered in the foundational videos is the new Curve Sweep operator introduced in Modo 13.1, which allows for the easy creation of deformable ropes and coils, and there is also a video showing how the Curve Sweep operator can be used recursively for better control of the surface normals.

Arrays, which are a powerful but not widely understood function introduced in Modo 13, are also covered, with several videos explaining both how to create them and also showing some practical uses for this powerful new function, ranging from bridging across curves to using locators to create a mesh-constrained flexible hose.

Another important topic covered in the training is the use of procedural selections, and why they should be favoured over direct selections where possible. A little-known technique for making procedural selections in the Schematic View is demonstrated in the foundational videos.

You will also learn how to combine procedural modelling with traditional modelling to get the best out of both approaches, which will be especially useful for tackling difficult and challenging modelling tasks.

The training comprises of 10 videos demonstrating different techniques, including an extensive step-by-step video demonstrating the modelling of the acoustic guitar in the promo image. After watching the course you will be completely comfortable working with Mesh Operators in your own projects, and should also be able to creatively apply the concepts shown to solve challenging problems in your own work.

If you are already comfortable with Mesh Ops in Modo then this training is sure to show you some new techniques, and is ideal for intermediate users and users who have already watched my earlier Introduction To Mesh Operators in Modo course.

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