Udemy – 3D Modeling Electronics Fast In Blender Easy For Beginners

Author Alex
Udemy – 3D Modeling Electronics Fast In Blender Easy For Beginners

Learn 3D modeling hard surface electronics in Blender for beginners

What you'll learn
The MODEL workflow to create electronics in under 30 minutes even if you are a beginner
THE BOOL METHOD to create buttons anywhere on your object
The only add-on you MUST activate that will help you save up to 16 clicks every time you create a new shape
How to undo any shape and create unlimited concepts without actually clicking « Undo »
THE DOUBLES METHOD to create parts of your object without slowing down your computer and to work even faster !
THE PARENT TRAP : Why you should never parent your meshes and how this is affecting the performances of your computer (never do this)
The 7 CLICKS METHOD to create any button or controller
The ONE thing you always have to do after extruding your mesh (or your model will look flat)
How to emphasize the details of your models only using this simple hotkey
The simple and fast method to put unlimited icons on your models (brand logos, home button, volume icons…)
THE CIRCLE METHOD to transform any plane to convex screens in only 2 clicks
How to make any surface 100% flat even after deformation or editing
THE TWO PART SCREEN : Why you should never model a screen on your actual mesh and use a different mesh instead (never skip this step!)
The PEN METHOD: Create any cable or chain by drawing it and then watch it appear
How to create unlimited shapes of cables and chains in exactly 4 seconds
The LINE HACK : Use this simple trick to create every length of keyboard keys in just one click
The BEVEL ERROR : Why you should never manually bevel the edges of your keyboard keys (it can cost you to remodel your entire keyboard if you make it)
How to create an entire mechanical keyboard only using one modifier
6 WAYS to create ventilation panels and which method should you use
The GAP PRINCIPLE : The one and only thing you should never NEVER skip when making electronics or else your model will look atrocious
The key detail that will make your model looks realistic and how to use the best of it
The WIREFRAME PLAN : Why you should NOT use the wireframe modifier to make a wireframe mesh, and the best tool to use instead
The 2 best ways to make spiral cables in less than 10 seconds
SHADING ACADEMY : 8 methods to always have a perfect shading on your models, avoid shading problems and artifacts, have smooth surfaces even with ugly topology

Have a computer with the latest version of Blender installed
Know how to navigate Blender
Know some 3D basics in Blender (how to move a mesh and create simple shape - square, sphere...)

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