Coloso – Intro to 3D Cartoon Rendering with Blender

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Coloso – Intro to 3D Cartoon Rendering with Blender
Coloso – Intro to 3D Cartoon Rendering with Blender
Korean, Chinese subtitle

For illustrators who want to embody the characters they have drawn in 3D, and 3D artists who want to create working-class
quality cartoon renderings , a class by Park Sang-woo , a renowned animation artist at Studio Mir , has been opened. Curriculum to learn the entire process from the basics of blender, a free 3D tool, to basic character modeling, toon shading & rendering , through 4 high-quality examples!

Were you fascinated by the pretty results and then confused by the level of difficulty that gets more difficult the deeper you go
, such as anatomical elements, embossing/engraving, and line description ? Even if you search for 'cartoon rendering' on YouTube, only feature tutorials come out! Did you think that there is no answer other than overseas sites for cartoon rendering at a level that can be used in practice ? The Korean class of Park Sang-woo , a 3D artist at Studio Mir , who participated in the production of Netflix's famous animations DOTA and The Witcher, is different. In this lecture, you will learn all the essential elements of cartoon rendering that beginners tend to miss , as well as the line art function for expressing outlines, toon shading that makes full use of 2D sensibility, and the process of rigging and background compositing.

You can use the Chinese sub to convert into English very easily using

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  1. Iey2023 January 30 09:14
    Are there subtitle files meant to be included in this?
  2. Lex
    Lex2023 February 2 09:37
    Guys, the subtitles in this are embedded inside the video, meaning you cant actually translate them.
    Can you upload the subtitles as .srt separately?

    There is some redeeming value in this course without the subs as you can watch the workflow of the teacher but it's not that much for a 40 gb file.
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