Udemy – Creo elements direct modeling express the complete course

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Udemy – Creo elements direct modeling express the complete course

Master CAD software Creo Express free version for maker create 3D models

What you'll learn
Master the dashboard
Navigate in 3D space
Create document
Export document
Start with sketches
Use drawing tools
Add construction lines
Edit sketches
Add workplanes
Edit workplanes
Master 3D modeling tools
Create extrusions
Create revolutions
Create sweeps
Create lofts
Create pipe
Create shells
Add chamfers
Add bevels
Add mirrors
Move objects
Work with surfaces
Add colors
Master construction tree
Create assembly
Create parts
Create objects

You need to download Creo element direct modeling express

Creo element direct modeling expressCreo elements direct modeling express is a CAD software available for free. In fact, this is the hobby version of Creo. A CAD software allows to work with sketches on different workplanes, and then to convert this sketches in 3D models with different tools.  Creo Express is not easy for a beginners. In fact, the interface can disturbed in a first a glance. This is why it is important to work step by step to master this software. After to master the main features, the software offers amazing possibilities to create great 3D models.Advantages to use Creo express - Combine the simplicity of 2D with the benefits of 3D with a quality software- Advanced tools to create sketches and more- Respond to the most important features to have in the development process- Import and completely edit 2D and 3D design with a lot of features- Create and modify model in real time- Various possibilities for 3D modelingTraining courseIn this course you will learn the free version of Creo. It means Creo elements direct modeling express. Starting from scratch with the dashboard, the navigation and more, you will perfectly start in the best conditions. You will learn how to create sketches with all the features. Then, you will learn how to convert these sketches to 3D models with the different tools. Master construction tree, create assembly, and more. At the end of the course, different trainings wit the creation of 3D models will allow you to see all the features seens in the course.

Who this course is for
People who want to start with CAD software
People who want to use a free CAD software
People who want to create 3D models

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