Udemy – CATIA V5 Course from beginner to advanced

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Udemy – CATIA V5 Course from beginner to advanced

Learn CATIA V5 by modelling real components with increasing difficulty while understading the best 3D CAD practice.

What you'll learn
Able to confidently use CATIA V5 Sketcher and Part Design Workbenches to design a wide range of components
Able to confidently use CATIA V5 Assembly Workbench to create a product from multiple components
Able to confidently use CATIA V5 Drafting Workbench to create engineering drawings
Able to set up simulation in CATIA V5 Kinematics Workbench
Understand the most ideal approach to 3D modelling

Ability to use Windows on a basic level
Owning CATIA V5 Software, other versions are acceptable but you may find slight differences in the interface

Welcome to this CATIA tutorial! This tutorial is designed to get you from a complete beginner to advanced user of CATIA easily comfortable with 3D modelling.Catia is one of most widely used softwares for 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design). It is used in wide variety of industries, from aerospace and automotive through oil and gas all the way to food industry and many others. Learning this software will undoubtedly increase your employability within engineering sector and will open door to many other possibilities of either further learning or industry paths. This course will be your guide in every step! Why choose this course?Commands are explained on real examples so you will see how they are used within context of a component rather than just understanding what each command does. We have over 25 examples that we will be completing! Each new component requires you to use commands you have already learnt and therefore reinforces your already gained knowledge, while new commands are being built on top.No previous experience needed. This course has been designed to start from absolute beginning.Taught by a tutor with more than 8 years of experience in CATIA. The tutor currently works as Design Engineer and uses 3D CAD on daily basis to design components.100 CAD examples at the end for you to practice.Course dwells into details of methodology of design and puts emphasis on properly understanding impact of your constraints and design decisions and 3D modellingHow is the course structured?Introduction into CATIAWe are first going to discuss workbenches in CATIA, what they mean and what they are used forWe will then set-up our Part Design workbench and I will explain its interfaceWe will the understand how to navigate in CATIA, manipulate the parts and move the screenWe will then proceed with overview of commands in Sketcher Workbench to understand how they workWe will then discuss how constraining the sketches worksWe will explore what different colours of constraints meanLet's start sketching and modelling!We will be using Sketcher Workbench and Part Design workbench together to create more than 25 components!Increasing level of component difficultyUsing the commands over and over while new commands are being built on topMixture of component based learning approach and detailed isolated explanation of some particular commandsAssembly Design WorkbenchWe will start with introduction into Assembly Design Workbench, how to open it, interface and importing componentsWe will then look at explanation of all relevant constraints in the Assembly Design WorkbenchWe will then build an assembly that converts rotational motion to linear motionWe will the look at editing assembliesWe will then look at how to section an assembly, clash detection and exploded viewDrafting WorkbenchWe will look at interface and how to create a new sheet and change its size and propertiesWe will look at inserting a component and creating different viewsWe will then dimension a drawingWe will create a Hole TableWe will create and Assembly drawing with Bill of Material and BalloonsWe will look at exporting drawingsKinematics WorkbenchWe will look at setting up a simple simulation to understand the principlesWe will simulate our assembly that we had created beforeDon't hesitate, sign up today and learn how to create 3D models in one of the most respected CAD softwares! Click to join and I will see you on the course! 

Who this course is for
Anyone who would like to learn 3D CAD in CATIA V5
You may be a student using this software at university, professional using it at work or you are just interested in 3D CAD
You may already have some experience and want to expand on it or want a refresher to remind you how to work in this software

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