Udemy – ZBrush Course – Creating Game of Thrones Style Panel Art

Author Alex
Udemy – ZBrush Course – Creating Game of Thrones Style Panel Art

Learn how to model hardsurface and organic scultping in ZBrush with this Game of Thrones inspired course

What you’ll learn

Be able to work with Zbrush more confidently
Understand how to create base meshes in Zbrush
Learn how to use the hardsurface tools in ZBrush
Have a greater knowledge of Subdivision and Dynamesh
Be able to texture inside ZBrush
Understand the basics of rendering and output from ZBrush
Understand Alphas and there many uses


Some knowledge of Zbrush would be good but not essential
I Use Photoshop quite a lot in this course so it would be good for you to have this
Not essential but I do use Maya for the first section although I also give you the files for ZBrush
I use Zbrush 4 r6 during this course other versions might have features in different areas of the Interface


The Game of Thrones is an epic series with the launch of series 7, I decided I would do a series of courses based on a Game of Thrones theme! this ZBrush course will be packed with features and techniques.

“This course cover a lot of material I have tried to design the course so that at each stage you are learning a new or adding to a technique for this reason it could well be worth watching the whole course first and then choose your technique for your particular need!”

The Game of Thrones uses a lot of CGI so it is a great carrier to base my ZBrush courses on, in this course I will show you my method for creating a Game of Thrones style wooded door, the door will be highly detailed and it will give me the chance to show you a ton of techniques, on this journey we will learn the following:

Reference Gathering
Creating a Base mesh and UV Layout in Maya
Creating a base mesh in ZBrush
Using Hardsurface Brushes
Masking and Alphas
Mesh Insert and Creating Alphas from Subtools
Deformations and Initialize settings
Dynamesh and Subdivision
Custom interface and common brushes
Spotlight and polypainting
Splitting Subtools and Transposing
Output and composite
ZSpheres and Rigging techniques

This course is for anyone wanting to develop there skills in ZBrush and give you insight to the many techniques that can be used, the course should give you an arsenal of extra knowledge which you can adapt to your particular needs!

Have fun creating amazing Game of Thrones style panel art inside the amazing ZBrush!

Please note ZBrush 4 r6 is used for this course!!!
Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to learn ZBrush
Beginners to Advanced users will enjoy this course

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