Blender 3D: Create an Eye Catching Model in Blender.

Author Alex
Blender 3D: Create an Eye Catching Model in Blender.

There are lots of 3D models around but only a select few grab attention. Do you want a model to be proud of, show off to your friends or have in your portfolio for potential employers. If so this could be the class for you!
Hello and welcome to my class!
In this Skillshare class we will be modelling a toy truck using some of the basic modelling tools found inside of Blender!
I will guide you through the steps needed to finish the toy truck model and show you how easy it can be to get great results. There's no complex geometry or difficult modelling techniques this is simply Blender made easy.We will go through the steps of adding reference images, editing geometry, applying modifiers, organising our work and building on each stage until we get to the final result.
This class is for beginners who are familiar with navigating inside of Blender and who want a project to get started with. This would make a great model to show your friends, use in your portfolio, use as a design study or simply as a fun toy to make.
I will be demonstrating the class using a basic three buttoned scroll wheel mouse. You can get by without one but I would advise you use one to follow along. I have created this model using Blender 2.9+. You should be able to follow along with most of the steps using an older version however I would recommend you get the latest version for the project if your hardware will allow, it's free so why not!
Reference images are attached to the Class Project!
By the end of the class you should have the confidence and knowledge to start making your own models and be on the road to 3D greatness! Have Fun!!
Note - The toy truck model is broken down into a series of classes. In further classes we will go on to shade, texture and render our toy truck so please look out for them when they become available!

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