Udemy – Learn Graphic Design Quick using Free Canva software (2020)

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Udemy – Learn Graphic Design Quick using Free Canva software (2020)

Udemy – Learn Graphic Design Quick using Free Canva software (2020)

In only 2 hours a beginner can produce professional quality Graphic Designs and Videos.

What you'll learn

How to produce Social Media Graphical and Video Content absolutely Free in under 2 hours of lessons.
How to use Layers and Reflections in designs which scream 'Professional Designer' to the viewer.
How to apply Gradients and Masks to give stunning, professional looking results on Images.
Where to source free Images, Videos and Music for their designs and videos.
How to design Business Reports, Plans and Proposals which look like they are from a Fortune 500 company.
How to write a script for a Social Media Video that conveys a message in 30 seconds or less.


Have a computer with Internet Access.


Let me make you a Promise! If you are NOT able to produce Professional Quality Graphic Designs (and Social Media videos) in the 30 days after taking this course, I'll refund you every penny!

If you're reading this then you want professional quality Graphical Designs but don’t want to pay a Designer or spend hours of precious time learning complicated and expensive software? Well, honestly you don’t have to.

In only 2 hours I can show you to produce stunning work that will look like it was made by a Pro, and we will use FREE Software called Canva to do so.

Don't take my word for it. Watch the demo video above to see the quality of the designs that you could be producing just a couple of hours of study from now if you take this course.

As well as Graphical Design I will also show you how to quickly produce Social Media Marketing Videos in only minutes, also completely Free.

Look, if you want to be a Professional Designer then you need to learn Professional Design Software. But if you simply want the flexibility to produce your own designs, when you need to, then learning Professional Design Software is like going to Architecture School before you rearrange the living room furniture..

Don’t waste time that is best spent focusing on your Business and Customers. You don’t need to learn expensive, time consuming software to get professional quality results, you really don't.

You can design anything you need, Social Media Ads, Publications, Posters, Website Banners, Blog Pictures, e-books and lots more. All in minutes with superb, Professional looking results.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied you can get a full refund in the first 30 days. I will even throw in 2 Free e-Books, as my gift to you just for you trying the course. These are yours to keep even if you ask for a refund.

Book 1 : Design: An introduction to Graphic Design. It covers items such as Branding, Choosing Fonts, designing Logos and introduces you to Graphical Design theory. It's short, to the point and a great reference resource. [Released July 2020]

Book 2 : 55 Free Graphic Design Resources: A large compilation of Free tools and resources for you to use in your design work. Free Photos, Videos, Illustrations and Icons. Free design software that rivals even the most expensive professional software on the market and a list of resources for design inspiration where you can see work by professional designers world-wide. Honestly, with this book you need never pay a penny for anything to do with Graphic Design ever again.

AND I will also give you 25 free, exclusive design templates that are only available to my Udemy Students. You can use these for inspiration and learning as you make your own designs.

This course is a super fast way to professional Graphic Design results.

No need to pay for design software with the software we teach.

Spend time on your Business, not learning expensive software.

Learn to make Social Media videos for any platform in minutes, totally Free.

Look over my shoulder as I set up my own Social Media pages and design content for them.

Graphic design is about associating your Brand with Professional Quality Imagery so design along with me as we create designs with subtle and professional elements that convey quality and professionalism to the viewer.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who needs quick, professional looking graphic designs, for Free.
Business people who need to produce graphics without needing to become graphic designers.
Anyway who will advertise on Social Media who needs Graphical Ad's and Video Content.

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