Udemy – Build Your Instagram AR Portal With ARCore & ARKit

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Udemy – Build Your Instagram AR Portal With ARCore & ARKit

Title: Build Your Instagram AR Portal With ARCore & ARKit – download full video course by Udemy



----Buy this course only if you want to build a simple AR Portal:-)----

Have you ever wanted to build a crazy Augmented Reality app and learn at the same time ? You came to the right place.

By taking this course, you will be able to build your private Instagram AR Portal Room that shows your top 5 Instagram pictures. You will learn how to build cross platform AR apps that run ARCore and ARKit at the same time . It is possible thanks to AR Foundation!

AR Foundation is a multi-platform API that allows us to develop cross platform AR apps. With AR Foundation, you develop once and build to both Android and IOS saving you time and energy.

This course is built with the latest Unity version which is Unity 2018.3 !

By enrolling this course, we will learn lots of different things and combine them into a beautiful AR app:

In this first section, we will get started with AR Foundation and build a simple AR Foundation app which is HelloAR.

In the second section, we will get started with Shader coding using Unity's ShaderLab and write our own Shader to get a portal effect. Then, we will write Portal script from scratch. This script will get us into the Portal. Then, we will integrate AR Foundation into our project and build two apps; one that runs ARCore and one that runs ARKit. After that, we will write PortalPlacer and PlaneController scripts from scratch. These scripts are fundamental scripts that should be used by other AR Apps as well.

In the third section, we will get started with Instagram API and we will integrate Instagram API into Unity. Then, we will get your most liked 5 Instagram pictures by comparing the likes count of each Instagram picture. After that, we will show your TOP Five Instagram picture inside our Portal Room along with your profile picture and username.

So, this course will teach not only Augmented Reality but also working with APIs and Shaders inside Unity 2018.3. You will code your own Shader, parse JSON, download pictures, write fundamental AR scripts... All of them will be done from scratch !

Take this course and learn Augmented Reality in a cool way... :-)

Para quem é este curso:

Beginner AR developers who want to master ARCore/ARKit using AR Foundation.
Intermediate Unity developers who want to get started with Augmented Reality.
Beginner Unity developers who want to learn to work with APIs in Unity with Instagram API

Course content

Introduction to AR Foundation
Hello AR App
Build A Simple AR Portal App
Read This Before Proceed
Building Portal Door
Portal Door Script
Building Portal Room
Your Basic Portal
Upgrading Project From Unity 2018.3 to 2019.1+ (If you already use 2019.1, skip)
Implementing AR Foundation and Building AR App (ARCore&ARKit)
Placing Portal to the Ground Part 1
Placing Portal to the Ground Part 2
Plane Detection Controller Script: Disabling or Enabling Detected Planes-
Fixing The Bugs and Performance Optimization
Your Instagram AR Portal Gallery (INSTAGRAM API DEPRECATED)
Read This Before Proceed- About Instagram API Deprecation
Introduction to Instagram API
Registering Instagram Portal App To Instagram API and Getting Access Token
Integrating Instagram Into Unity
Displaying Instagram Pictures as Gameobjects in Unity
Preparing Instagram Gallery Room
Writing The Algorithm For Getting The Most Liked Instagram Pictures
Getting The Likes Count Of Instagram Pictures
Showing The Likes Count Of Instagram Pictures In Portal room
Putting Profile Picture and Username to the Portal Gate
Polishing Portal
App Source Codes
Completed App Source Code
Bonus Section
Discounts On My Other Courses

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