Digital Juice – Texture Toolkit 3: Handmade Paper

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Digital Juice – Texture Toolkit 3: Handmade Paper

Digital Juice – Texture Toolkit 3: Handmade Paper

Texture Toolkit 3: Handmade Paper - Hand-made paper techniques were the starting point for each of these 1028 all-new textures. Building on the popularity and usefulness of the first two Texture Toolkits, this third all-new texture collection takes the super high resolution seamless texture to a whole new level! Using handmade and manipulated organic paper, created in-house here at Digital Juice, Texture Toolkit Collection 3 contains more than 1000 useful new textures with a natural, tactile artisanal look and feel. We started from scratch for this volume, learning how to make traditional sheets of beautifully nuanced papers - and then we broke the rules to bring you something you have never seen before - bending and distorting the process to bring you the kind of variety no handmade paper collection has ever had.

If you've ever looked at a blank canvas in Photoshop, After Effects, or even in PowerPoint and not known what to do or where to start, the textures in this collection are designed just for you. Delivered at a maximum resolution of 4000x4000 pixels, most of these textures are also seamless in all directions and many have a built in alpha so they can be layered on top of other images for unique effects.

Good textures - particularly high resolution and seamless textures - are hard to find. These long misunderstood workhorses of the creative industry are an essential tool when working with photos, illustrations, videos and animations of any kind. They can be used as a subtle accent or to add a striking backdrop for a hero element - but they are rarely the star of the show. Their main job is to add context and subtext to your creations. Textures can create a mood without saying a word and the right texture can make a simple photo more dramatic or add a weather-beaten look to something shiny and new. The organic handmade feel of the paper textures in this new collection will help you build the illusion of tactile reality and will add a unique look and feel to anything you create.

Digital Juice Texture Toolkit 3: HANDMADE PAPER (4DVDs)

The seamless nature of the majority of the Texture Toolkit textures is essential and it is a key aspect to their usefulness. Just about anyone can create a bad seamless texture. Some computer software can even make some less bad ones. However, most people don't even try, because making a GOOD seamless texture is hard, tedious work. It requires the skill and trained eye of an artist to make a truly seamless and interesting abstract or realistic texture.

A seamless texture is one that can be repeated infinitely without showing any noticeable edge or join between repeating tiles. It can be used to fill as large or as small an area of a graphic as you like. Most seamless textures can tile in both the X and Y directions, while some are designed only to tile horizontally (X), usually across the base or top edge of a graphic area.

In the past, seamless textures were used primarily for desktop wallpaper and web page backgrounds, as well as for adding realism to 3D models and architectural renderings. Nowadays, high resolution textures can be used for a wide variety of design applications including as photo, illustration, animation or video fills and backgrounds, as the base to build a virtual studio or scene for still or motion graphics or as a way to add realistic texture and depth to any part of a designed graphic, whether 2D or 3D, static or moving.

• 4 DVDs
• 1028 super high resolution of 4000 pixels by 4000 pixels: Greater flexibility in using textures for demanding applications such as HD video, 3D animation and large format printing and signage.
• More than 1000 unique textures classified into 17 sub-themes and created using 13 different styles and techniques: More selection when choosing a texture that will give you the exact look you need to enhance your next project
• 1017 fully seamless (XY) and 7 horizontally seamless (X only) textures: Maximum usefulness with infinitely repeating fills and tiles, including compatibility with DJ Fonts
• 171 textures with some alpha channel transparency: Textures that can be dropped on top of other graphics to add an instant subtle texture or pattern effect without completely obscuring the image below or the need to use blending modes
• All new, original handmade paper forms the foundation for all of these textures: Created in-house at Digital Juice from scratch, these papers can't be found anywhere else in the world and give the textures in this volume an authentic organic look and feel that you just can't fake
• 10 Non-seamless textures
• 965 Illustrated Patterns & Textures
• 1 Photographic Patterns & Textures
• 5 Broad and 17 specific themes
• 8 Broad and 31 specific styles
• 13 Different mediums & techniques

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