Author Alex
Yesterday, 11:12
Blender 3D - Hyper Realistic Texturing, Lighting and Rendering a Car!
Hey there! Do you want to learn how to boring 3D car models into amazing realistic 3D scenes? If yes, then you are at the right place because in this class, I am going to be teaching you the secrets and techniques of achieving photorealistic and cinematic renders!
Author Alex
WingFox - Lady Gunslinger - A tutorial of production of a model of a fair lady character
This tutorial aims to teach you how to make your personal design based on what you already have. We mainly use DAZ basic model and UV maps to complete your design efficiently. This tutorial will be based on a case study of the lady gunslinger. We will go through the production of maps, accessory, clothes, hair, lighting rendering and a simple composition in PS to produce the final work.
Author Alex
Maya LT for Games: Create Stylized Low-Poly vehicle
Start from zero knowledge, learn specific games-oriented Modeling technique, professional UV layout and Texturing.
Author Sonya
How to design and model a robot - main steps (380pages /pdf)
This pdf contains 380 pages on how to design and model a robot in 3DsMax.
Author Alex
Elementza – Mastering 3D Modeling in Maya Part 1-3 FULL (ENG/RUS)
25+ Hours of Training! Each class has 10 or more video lectures, covering Modeling, Rendering, Project Breakdowns, and Student Projects.
Author Alex
Domestika – 3D Modeling for Advertising with Cinema 4D and OctaneRender
Learn how to create visually stunning compositions in 3D to highlight a product's features For advertisers, CGI and 3D modeling are often a cost-effective way to inject a visual wow factor into a campaign. By placing products in otherwise impossible settings, you can better highlight their features and convey their concept. Yonito Tanu is an expert at just that, having designed 3D advertising pieces for Pringles, Mahou, Red Bull, Absolut, and
Author Alex
Domestika – Creation of realistic props for video games
The video game industry is a sector in constant evolution and those who want to dedicate themselves to it must be able to keep up and be in constant learning. 3D artist Paula Sánchez-Ferrero is passionate about video games and, since she started a few years ago, she has advanced in her field by leaps and bounds, having collaborated on AAA projects such as Metro Exodus, Call of Duty: WWII and Overkill's The Walking Dead .
Author Alex
Gumroad – Blender Drone Tutorial – Complete Edition
Did you ever want to learn Blender and are you looking for a quality tutorial using industry-proven techniques? Do you want to become a faster and more efficient modeler and learn the latest techniques in 3d modeling, texturing, and game art? If so, this is the course for you.
Author Alex
ArtStation – Hard Surface ZBrush Tutorial // Modeling A UH-60 Rotor
Over the years, I’ve done a lot of hard surface modeling in Zbrush and found myself learning many different techniques and workflows. I thought it might be useful to someone out there if I recorded it all on video and talked through the process with you.
Author Alex
Skillshare – Retro Robot Modeling from Concept in Blender 2.9
When it comes to most 3D art, it all begins with a piece of concept art. Something you drew up yourself, a piece of art you found online, or perhaps one given to you at work. In this series of classes, we'll be starting with a simple shaded drawing of a retro sci-fi themed robot. With the concept art at hand, you'll begin interpreting and translating it to 3D as faithfully as you can. Then add additional details to fill in the gaps left by the
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