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Udemy – Zombie Escape: A Point & Click 3D Game using Unity's NavMesh
Design a full game using Unity's built-in A* pathfinding solution with C# code for controlling Enemy AI Combat & Patrol What you'll learn Use Unity's NavMesh system for Player & Enemy Pathfinding Randomly generate game levels and bake the NavMesh at runtime Create a simple Finite State Machine in C# for organizing Enemy's AI Design an entire game from start to finish Health and Combat Systems, Keys and Doors, Breadcrumbs and much more!
Author Alex
Unity Turn-Based Strategy Game - Intermediate C# Coding
Udemy - Unity Turn-Based Strategy Game - Intermediate C# Coding. Learn to create turn-based gameplay with multiple Units, along with grid-based movement and logic! What you'll learn Take your Skills from Beginner to Advanced. Learn to manage and organize a complex project. Advanced Programming concepts, such as; C# generics, C# events, and custom structs. Create a custom Grid System. Learn A* Pathfinding. Create Actions while writing good high
Author Alex
Develop A Working Ai For Your Games In Unity ® & Blender!
Udemy - Develop A Working Ai For Your Games In Unity ® & Blender! Create awesome assets for your Games and Develop a working AI for said Games using Unity! What you'll learn Learn to code for game development in Unity​ ®​ C# Build professional 3D models for video games and more Make a path-finding algorithm Develop a creative and technical eye Use the A* algorithm to make a 2D game in Unity​ ® Find art references and make blueprints in Adobe
Author Alex
Build A Multiplayer Augmented Reality (Ar) Game With Unity
Udemy - Build A Multiplayer Augmented Reality (Ar) Game With Unity. Learn to build Multiplayer AR games by building a fully functional multiplayer AR game from scratch with ARCore/ARKit! What you'll learn Multiplayer Game Development Basics Augmented Reality Game Development Basics Network Synchronization for Augmented Reality Unity Physics Basics Photon Unity Networking Effective Scene Loading Multiplayer Battle Basics Plane Detection in AR
Author Alex
How To Make A 2D Platformer With Unity & C#
Udemy - How To Make A 2D Platformer With Unity & C#. Game Development- Learn how to create a 2D platformer game full of unique enemies, weapons and environments using Unity. What you'll learn Learn how to make a 2D platformer player controller with wall jumping and sliding. Create unique enemy characters with simple but fun AI behaviors. Make moving platforms. Learn how to make a weapon pickup and switching system. Create an unlockable level
Author Alex
Unity Zombie Tower Defence Game
Udemy - Unity Zombie Tower Defence Game - Professional game design. What you'll learn Create a zombie tower defence game Add the ability to switch between first person and overhead modes Create swarms of zombies who interact with placed objects Setup multiple weapons and different damage patterns Create code for a snapping placement system in real time Complete a Unity game from beginning to end Master your knowledge of C# scripting to an
Author Alex
Make a horror Zombie game in Unity
Udemy - Make a horror Zombie game in Unity. What you'll learn Easy to undestand coding activities Create a horror game in unity Tips of Game Design and indie horror games A fundamental understanding of Unity Requirements it would be good to have a basic undestanding of Unity. you dont need any coding experience as i will cover c# coding in detail. You need a PcTt Description This game will teach you how to make a horror game ,teaching all
Author Alex
Ultimate Game AI for Unity Beginners
Udemy - Ultimate Game AI for Unity Beginners. Your Own Game AI. From 0 to Hero. What you'll learn What is a Game AI and how can it improve your game What are the main components of a Game AI How to implement a Game AI System in Unity How to put everything together in a Game Project using Unity Requirements Basic understanding of Unity and C# Description By the end of this course you will implement your own AI System. Find out the key components
Author Alex
Unity 3D Video Game Kit Introduction
Udemy - Unity 3D Video Game Kit Introduction. Design and Build a Video Game Level without Coding. Great way to learn the Unity Engine. (3.5 hours) What you'll learn Unity 3D Game Kit - a powerful tool that requires no programming How to build an action adventure level with triggers that open doors, moving platforms, enemies, hazards, and more How to use the Unity engine, including understanding the relationship between the hierarchy, game assets
Author Alex
Build NFT metaverse with Unity on Algorand
Udemy - Build NFT metaverse with Unity on Algorand. The most comprehensive course to build a metaverse world on a blockchain What you'll learn Foundations to start building a metaverse from scratch on the Algorand blockchain Create 2-way transactions between Unity3D game and the blockchain Have players "play to earn" crypto tokens Build a system for players to buy, sell and trade NFTs multiplayer communication deploy your metaverse game on
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