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Muddy Colors: Pack 8
Muddy colors: Pack 8 - Dan Dos Santos - Lauren Panepinto - Ryan Pancoast. Includes: Business Basics - Dan dos Santos: Absolute Beginner's Guide To Digital Painting - Dan dos Santos: Book Cover Design - Lauren Panepinto: Bringing Fantasy To
Author Alex
Muddy Colors: Pack 7
Muddy Colors: Pack 7 - Scott Fischer - Scott Waddel - Paolo Rivera - David Palumbo - Justin Gerard. Includes: PAINTING WITH PLASTIC WITH SCOTT FISCHER In this 2 part demo, Scott Fischer walks us through his process of painting on Dura-lar, a medium which allows him to paint on BOTH sides of the surface for truly mind-boggling affects. We are offering this demonstration as an uncut, 7 HOUR video, so that you can watch Scott's entire process, from
Author Alex
Muddy Colors Tutorials: Pack 6
Muddy Colors: Pack 6 - Dan dos Santos - Donato Giancola - Anthony Palumbo - Vanessa Lemen - Sean Andrew Murray - Justin Gerard - Annie Stegg - Kristine Poole - Scott Fischer - Lauren Panepinto
Author Alex
Muddy Colors: Pack 5 - Vanessa Lemen - Annie Stegg - Greg Manchess
Muddy Colors Tutorials: Pack 5 - Vanessa Lemen - Annie Stegg - Greg Manchess.
Author Alex
Oil Painting For Beginners – Dan Dos Santos
An in depth guide to oil paints, designed with the beginner in mind. Illustrator, Dan dos Santos will walk you through everything you need to know about getting started with this versatile and time-tested medium.
Author Alex
Fantasy Anatomy – David Finch
David Finch has been a penciller for ‘Batman’, ‘The Avengers’, ‘Moon Knight’, and he is the current cover artist for the immensely popular ‘The Walking Dead’ comic series. With more than 20 years experience under his belt, he is a major influence in the comics industry.
Author Alex
Drawing The Line – Scott Fisher
In ‘Drawing the Line’, world renown illustrator Scott Fischer will walk you through how to create a graphic, line-heavy style using traditional media. This is a great approach for line driven artists, like comic book artists, to begin delving into paint. Retail savvy artists will also find this sort of style works well for graphic design applications such as apparel, stickers, pins, etc.
Author Alex
A Portrait in Pencil with Greg Ruth
In this 2.5 hour demo, Greg Ruth walks us though his process of creating a fantasy portrait in graphite. Using a Dune-themed portrait as an example, Greg discusses how to create convincing form and imbues your portraits with a sense of character and backstory. Additionally, Greg takes the time to demonstrate how he creates the unusual textures he is so well known for, such as smoke and stars.
Author Alex
Remarques – Dorian Vallejo
In this 2+ hour video, watch artist Dorian Vallejo create a fully realized painting inside the front cover of one of his books, captured all in real time! Listen in, as he and Dan dos Santos have a one-on-one conversation, discussing Dorian’s views on Art, growth, compromise, and passion. A truly honest, and insightful look at this world-class artist.
Author Alex
MakingMonsters – JustinGerard
Illustrator Justin Gerard demoed in front of a live audience at the Fantastic Arts Conference in March of 2020. Using suggestions from the audience, he created a completed original character, on the spot, with no planning whatsoever.
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