Author Alex
CGAxis – Fabrics PBR Textures – Collection Volume 27
CGAxis PBR Textures Volume 27 – Fabrics contains 100 PBR textures of quilted and patterned fabrics and leather in various types and colors.
Author Alex
CGAxis – Metals PBR Textures – Collection Volume 26
CGAxis PBR Textures Volume 26 – Metals is a collection of many types of metal surfaces with lots of scratches and inperfections.
Author Alex
CGAxis – Pavements PBR Textures – Collection Volume 25
CGAxis PBR Textures Volume 25 – Pavements is a set of 100 various types of pavements and pathways: concrete, stone, damaged and clean. All in different shape and pattern.
Author Alex
CGAxis – Roads PBR Textures – Collection Volume 24
CGAxis PBR Textures Volume 24 – Roads is a pack containing different types of asphalt roads, dirt roads and railroad tracks in many variations: from new and clean to rough and damaged.
Author Alex
CGAxis – Marble PBR Textures – Collection Volume 23
CGAxis PBR Textures Volume 23 – Marble is a collection of clean and polished marble stones in many different colors and patterns.
Author Alex
CGAxis Physical 3 – 500 Creative PBR Textures Collection (Full 4K+8K)
Physical 3 is an XXL bundle collection featuring 500 PBR textures ready to be used in your favorite 3D software. The Physical 3 bundle is a perfect choice for creative designers working in game development, animation, and other 3D art-related industries.
Author Alex
CGAxis – Physical 2 – 500 PBR textures
500 ultra-sharp and photorealistic PBR textures in both 8K and 4K resolutions available exclusively only on CGAxis
Author Alex
CGAxis – 8K PBR Textures Collection Volume 20 – Wood Parquet
Physical. is a new exclusive line of PBR textures created by CGAxis. Physical is available exclusively only on CGAxis. The collection is a set of 500 textures entirely new PBR textures divided into five topics.
Author Alex
CGAxis – 8K PBR Textures Collection Volume 21 – Walls
CGAxis Walls PBR Textures is a collection of 100 PBR Textures of wall surfaces. In this set you will find both damaged plaster walls, concrete decorative panels, stucco walls, wallpapers and plasterboards.
Author Alex
CGAxis – 8K PBR Textures Collection Volume 22 – Roofs
100 PBR Textures of roof coverings: ceramic, wooden, stone, metal, roofing felt. All in various shapes, colors and degrees of wear - clean and new, rusted, damaged or covered in moss.
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