Franzis HDR projects 8 professional 8.32.03590 Win/Mac x64

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Franzis HDR projects 8 professional 8.32.03590 Win/Mac x64

Franzis HDR projects 8 professional 8.32.03590 Win/Mac x64

With the brand new HDR projects 8 professional you have the choice between natural and perfectly exposed images as well as spectacular photos with bright colors, the highest level of contrast and trendy “grungy” styles. Now develop your own HDR style, which immediately affects all presets and gives the photos your personal touch!

The correctly exposed image in every situation
HDR technology brings out the best possible exposure from difficult exposure situations by combining different levels of brightness. Now you will get the desired result even easier and faster: The new color module and the 188 optimized presets get even more out of your pictures. This is how you achieve the best results in the shortest possible time!

What's New:
- New: Dynamic interface, ideally suited for UHD 4K
- New: Extended RAW mode with area protection and exif data that can be displayed
- New: 5 freely assignable HDR styles for personal preferences
- New: All 188 presets have been revised and especially optimized with regard to noise behavior
- New: Smart Exposure Analysis of the exposure series: all images in the exposure series are examined individually for blurring and exposure in order to be able to find outliers and blurred images more quickly.
- New: "Ultra" image alignment in the HDR preparation: The image alignment is calculated even more precisely and thus leads to a better HDR result image.
- New: Extended grain module: The grain module now offers 3 color spaces - RGB, HSV and HSL - in order to be able to use the grain in a more differentiated and targeted manner.
- New: New module “Virtual micro details” With this tool, micro details can be calculated into images in order to give flat parts of the image more structure.
- New: New color module with which you can set color accents in an impressive way without having to use complicated image processing.
- New: The focus peaking module shows the areas in an image on which the focus of the camera was when the picture was taken.
- New: Extended functions in selective characters: intelligent mode activated by default
- New: Additional calculation qualities for the texture masks, which make textures look more homogeneous and natural with a high zoom.
- New: New effects in expert mode
- Stand-alone and plug-in for Adobe® Lightroom Classic® and Photoshop®

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