Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.1.0.1039 Win x64

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Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.1.0.1039 Win x64

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.1.0.1039 Win x64

Substance Designer is a node-based texture compositing tool that allows you to create Substance files or bitmap textures. You can use it to texture assets and also bake model information (ex: normal, displacement, curvature etc.). It contains a wide library of tools, materials and procedural effects to help you achieve your goals in a fully non-destructive workflow.

Node-based texturing. Allowing non-linear workflow and quick iterations.
Substance Designer 5 is a node based texturing tool. Tired of messy layers ? Fit everything you need in a few compact and handy nodes. Let Substance connect all the channels for you and focus on what really matters: your art.

The industry standard for PBR texturing
Substance Designer is a powerful node-based texturing tool tailor-made for Physically Based Rendering and extensively used by more than 50 AAA game projects.

PBR Viewport
The 3D View allows to visualize on your mesh all your texturing work in real time.

Compatible with any game engine.
Substance Designer lets you to create your own templates, making it compatible with any game engine on the market, or your in-house engine.

The New Generation of Procedural Art
Substance Designer 5 is powered by Substance Engine 2, the new iteration of the renown procedural technology developed by Allegorithmic. It unleashes an incredible power of expression and fosters a new form of digital creativity.

Integrated bakers
Our embedded bakers allow you to bake your maps at light-speed directly within your software.

Production ready.
Substance Designer has been thought to integrate easily in your work environment.

Changes 2018.1.0:


[Bakers] Optimize high-poly baking
[Bakers] Improve result on seams for Curvature baker
[Bakers] Bake maps for UDIM based mesh
[Bakers] Add a dedicated 2D view in the Baker window
[Graph] Support for UDIMs
[Graph] Optimize cooker performances
[Graph] Improve node thumbnails generation speed
[Graph] Keep node cache only for opened graphs
[Graph] Add toolbar in the compositing graph to control the Thumbnail generation mode
[3D View] Add a geometry cache to optimize high definition meshes display
[3D View] Support UDIM display (display the current tile)
[3D View] Update Rounded Cube with uniform topology
[3D View] Avoid saving scene all the time
[Content] Add 3D Noises (Perlin, Perlin Fractal, Worley, Simplex) nodes
[Content] Add 3D Volume Mask node
[Content] Add 3D Linear Gradient node
[Content] Add 3D Cube Gbuffers node (useful to previsualize 3D based nodes)
[Content] Add 3d Planar Projection node
[Content] Add Radial Blur filter
[Parameters] Display image input/output properties in the graph properties
[Parameters] Allow the edition of resources path
[Engine] Support up to 8k textures with the CPU (SSE2) engine
[Engine] Allow Grayscale Converter to use HDR weights for HDR engine
[Preferences] Add an option to disable the automatic conversion node creation
[Preferences] Set the default compression for png to 'best speed'
[UI] support html link in Graph properties
[UI] Center the "Yes / No / Cancel" Buttons in the save confirmation dialog
[Explorer] Enhance Mesh hierarchy display
[IRay] Integrate IRay SDK 2017.1.4


[Bakers] Adding a macro in the output name field does not add it on the cursor position
[Bakers] No materials are displayed in the list if the object has no material
[Bakers] Pressing Enter to confirm baker parameters open a drop-down menu
[Bakers] Baking textures should not generate commands in the undo stack
[Bakers] Crash baking a Transferred Texture From Mesh without specifying a texture
[Explorer] "Save as" should use the existing file name instead of the first resource name
[Explorer] Wrong behavior when drag and dropping a resource from one package to another
[Explorer] Right mouse click should not open the data in the properties
[Explorer] Icon of Scene items don't have the correct background
[Graph] Ctrl + D doesn't work on Linux
[Graph] Multi relink function sometimes plug only one link
[Graph] Ctrl+Shift+D should remove only external links, not internal links
[Graph] Link between grayscale and color isn't correct
[3D View] Cannot set a resource as an env map
[3D View] Mesh info shader don't display results in the right color space
[Parameters] Non exposable parameters are still exposable using CTRL+P
[Parameters] Text fields are not updated correctly on undo/redo
[Content] Artifacts in Grunge Map 003
[Content] Vector morph grayscale primary input seems incorrect
[Cooker] sbscooker generates an error when a resource is missing
[Cooking] Crash with stack overflow when node chain is too long
[UI] 'Quit' button in license management doesn't work

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