Alien Skin Exposure X3 Bundle Revision 38597 Win x64

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Alien Skin Exposure X3 Bundle Revision 38597 Win x64

Download Alien Skin Exposure X3 Bundle Revision 38597 for Win x64

Exposure X Bundle is a photo editor and organizer that combines all plug-ins from Alien Skin's to edit photos in one product. The basis of the kit is Exposure X, photo editing application that optimizes the workflow and provides a wide range of creative tools. Also in this kit are two additional applications for expanding creative possibilities: Blow Up 3, which is designed to increase the size of images with maximum preservation of their quality and Snap Art 4, which turns your photos into magnificent handmade paintings.

Turn your digital images into expressive works of art, using the rich creative tools of Exposure X Bundle. Hundreds of carefully selected styles will bring a human touch to your work. Personalize these views using reliable editing tools and effects of natural environments like oil paints and watercolors.

Experience is simpler, smarter than the road to work. Exposure X Bundle simplifies the workflow, so you spend your time making creative decisions, rather than an educational software package. You will not encounter complications, such as catalogs or imports. It's easy to switch between edits in exposure and those who use natural-media and image-enhancement tools.

Work as you want - Exposure X Bundle will adapt. He has the tools needed in a professional, and offline photo editor. It also works great as a series of plug-ins for Lightroom or Photoshop. Exposure editing RAW-files without destroying it, and provides powerful organizational tools, a customizable user interface and speed.

Alien Skin Software has released a new version of Exposure X, a stand-alone program and plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom. It is intended for real connoisseurs of photo art and will allow you to change photos by adding various effects: imitation of a frame from a feature film, shooting an analog camera. The program allows you to change the exposure to your taste and recreate the features typical for films from different manufacturers: bright colors Velvia, rich black Kodachrome tones or Ektachrome sensitivity, add the Bokeh effect.

In Exposure X, compared to the previous 7th version, the user interface has been improved, the file management structure has been changed, and new keyboard shortcuts have been added. Expsure X now will not use the catalog file and does not need to import photos, the user himself can select folders to access the photos. Among the changes to the interface can be noted the ability to change and hide panels. Standard panels have also undergone changes. Exposure X supports file management, including renaming and moving images. Also available are tools for organizing images, such as setting ratings and marking with color and many others. In Exposure X, there are over 500 presets (pre-blanks) to simulate various film features. Some effects, such as granularity, can not be added to the entire image, but only to shadows, bright areas or halftones. Films of each manufacturer and even different brands of films from the same manufacturer have different technical characteristics. Some of them allow you to more clearly capture small details in darkened areas, others have an amazing range of transmitted colors, but lose them on too bright or too dark frames. The program will allow you to manipulate various aspects of the features of the films to achieve interesting results.

The new version of Exposure X completely redesigned the user interface, added new, improved and improved old effects, new textures, new controls that help you quickly explore a wide range of effects, or develop your own.

User interface:
• The user interface has improved aesthetics and optimized navigation. In Exposure X in the presets window, you can immediately see the possible result of applying presets, you can see presets in text format. Presets are again divided into categories, there is an opportunity to create their own presets. Support for Retina displays.
• Exposure X adds new textures, more flexible border settings, dust and scratches. effects and light effects are divided into groups. Randomize a tool for randomly selecting different results, a convenient way to get unique results.

Group Presets
You can control preset settings using groups of related sliders (sliders), as well as texture overlays. A group of presets allow you to quickly explore possible options so as not to bother with individual sliders. Hover your mouse over the preset - the thumbnail will be updated to show you how it will look in the photo. Just run the cursor on the list of presets to quickly explore them visually. Additionally, with each preset, you can use a variety of settings by the controls: tone, curves, focus, grain, vignette, etc.

Overlaying textures
In Exposure X you can add a wide range of beautiful realistic effects that simulate "dirt", matte emulsion, light, scratches, dust, old frame.

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